"DYNAMIC" Anticipation Awaits the Workplace

March 27th, 2019

Where is the world of work heading?  Is the standard “office” or cubicle, comprised of a desk, credenza and filing cabinet, even a “thing” anymore?  As more companies allow employees to work a day – or more – from home, today’s office is anything but traditional.

The reality is, how and where work is performed is undergoing a tremendous shift, and will continue to do so, with the trend of “benching” – more open, collaborative work spaces, continuing to gain momentum.

Benching Is On the Rise

In Ted Moudis Associates 2018 Workplace Report, Open Workspaces rule the roost – the majority of today’s “traditional” office resembles an open workspace.  In fact, the Report notes that approximately 92% of companies offer open workspaces, with a move towards benching set-ups in the office layout.  Finally, about three-fourths of all open workspaces reflect a benching layout or format.

“Our clients continue to move from more traditional workstations towards the adoption of benching…this year, we saw a 7% increase….and many of these are sit-to-stand desks.”

Other trends noted in the 2018 Workplace Report suggest a growing shift (24%) to “leveraged seating” – employees who participate in activity-based work environments.  As part of this shift, the number of employees sharing a desk or workstation is increasing, as there’s “less office” to go around, inspiring employers to become more resourceful with their space choices and further bolstering the case for benching.


LOGICDATA has been at the forefront of this trend, delivering enhancements such as LOGIClink, a cutting-edge connectivity hub designed for the co-working revolution, allowing employees to simply check into vacant workstations when they need them, ensuring maximum usability via a custom-made smartphone application.


Agile Workforce & Solutions

So what else is driving the benching boom?  George Pfeiffer, CEO of BOS Holdings in the Daily Herald Business, suggests the trend is indicative of companies re-imagining reduced resources in a shared economy. These small(er) “huddle spaces” and meeting areas reflect a more “agile workforce,” explains Pfeiffer, CEO of BOS Holdings in the Daily Herald Business.

Products and approaches that understand the benefits of benching, and can enhance the benching experience – from better power sources/technology to the flexibility and adaptation of the benching workspace, are the ones to watch.

That’s why LOGICDATA is beyond thrilled to unveil a dynamic solution at interzum that provides  flexibility, customization and simplicity for the future of height-adjustable workspaces, including those at the center of the benching trend.



Set for May 21-24 in Cologne, Germany, interzum is the world’s largest bi-annual trade fair for suppliers of the furniture industry, with a strong emphasis on global office furniture manufacturers, designers and suppliers, who are reshaping the future of work. With nearly 60,000 attendees from 143 countries, it’s truly a global showcase of what’s ahead for the industry, and the workplace as we know it.

With LOGICDATA’s 22-year-old track record of bringing innovation to motion-based furniture, interzum is the perfect backdrop for our team of engineers and new product specialists to launch an unprecedented adjustable furniture design solution with the world, bringing advancement to the industry with power and precision.


Awaiting the World Stage

As we ready the final details of our extraordinary product launch at interzum, we invite you to make plans to join us in Hall 7.1 Stand A060 and B061., May 21-24; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., daily.  Better yet, reserve an appointment for a personal demonstration of how LOGICDATA is reinventing adjustability by contacting our sales team (sales@logicdata.net).