LVM 2020: It's better when it's live.

January 9th, 2020

January. The festive season is over, a new decade has begun, and we’re roaring into the 20s with a brand-new mission for this month’s Winter Las Vegas Market: Bring Main Street Online.

Our ambitious offering for LVM20 – the biggest home furnishings expo in the US – focuses on expanding the benefits of e-commerce to brick-and-mortar outlets everywhere: from Seattle to Miami, from Boston to San Diego, from Austria to the world.

Why? We believe that the traditional showroom still plays a major role in the home furnishings industry, and that the influx of new online shopping technology will enhance the physical shopping experience, not threaten it. Find out our reasons below:

Tip. Tap. Sleep.

The winds of change are already blowing through showrooms across the nation. Although the explosion in mobile-based retail may feel like the end of the road for traditional Main Street furniture stores, the reality is a more nuanced affair.

Smart technology has triggered a tectonic shift in online buying. According to a recent survey from Furniture Today, over 75% of potential customers use their smart device to compare prices, track their orders, read product ratings, and even to redeem special offers and discounts online.

Interestingly, 32% utilized Augmented Reality features during their search for new furnishings. This avant-garde technology allows shoppers to simulate potential purchases within their home: visualizing size, shape, and color schemes to see if that new sofa will clash with the décor.

Despite the gadgets however, the showroom is still the place to be. More than three quarters of FT’s respondents used mobile technology to research store opening hours, while around half confirmed they use their phones to locate products in-store. Look and feel remains a vital factor for home furniture, which is why an attractive showroom presence is still central to product success.

Main Street brands are slowly seeing the connection between their online and physical customer offerings, tailoring them to complement each other, not compete. For example, by optimizing online portals for mobile traffic, retailers can convert footfall into revenue with ease.

The next step is building a product range that suits this model hand-in-glove: a showroom sleep sensation with ease of transport at its core. Fortunately, we have the product and the know-how to help you do just that. This Las Vegas Market, we’re proud to present a cutting-edge new model for retailers everywhere: online seller-convenience that maintains the unique look and feel of your showroom.

Introducing the retailer-friendly SILVERlite.

The SILVER lining for retailers everywhere.

Compatible with both drop- and container shipping supply chain models, LOGICDATA’s SILVERlite is the perfect product to bridge the gap from the physical to the online world. Once you’ve inspired the customer in the showroom, we can ship directly to their doorstep, saving you the effort and expense of organizing storage and delivery yourself.

If you’d like to keep beds out back, we’re also the LOGICal choice. The SILVERlite fits snugly into the market’s smallest packaging, empowering you to provide industry-leading products without the squeeze and saving you 75% of storage costs associated with comparable adjustables. Better still, with Minimum Order Quantities starting at just one base, you can even start selling today.

Our advice – keep it Lite. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Sleep. But Smarter.

In Las Vegas, we’ll also be showcasing our latest breakthrough in the field of intelligent sleep technology. Grab your chance to take an exclusive sneak-peek at our SleepSense concept design: this intelligent sleep wellness tracker is just the beginning of a new age in bedroom IoT.

An innovative addition to the successful SILVER Series, this compact, easy-to-install sensor provides accurate sleep quality analysis directly to your smartphone. Information on heartbeat, respiration, rapid eye movement, and much more is collected and sent to the SleepSense App, where users can use this information to improve the quality of their sleep.

The app also features an interactive “Sleep Diary”: an intuitive tool that provides valuable metrics on sleep quality over a specified period. The device can also connect to our adjustables’ mechatronic components, allowing the user to adjust their sleeping position through the app, without the need for a remote control.

Eyes closed. Sensor on.

Join the (r)evolution by visiting Booth #B954 at this Winter’s Las Vegas Market, January 26-30, 2020!