LOGICflex F - The F is for Flexibility

December 7th, 2021

If working life in our “new normal” has taught us anything, it’s that the need for adaptability, flexibility, and adjustability are central to a positive working experience, wherever you are, whatever you do. With the brand-new LOGICflex F, we’re taking flexibility to new heights (and widths), providing more options for adjustable office furniture than ever before. Let’s meet this outstanding, width-adjustable lifting frame and find out all about its very special features.

Flexible Requirements

As no two workspaces are the same, no two desks will ever need to do the same thing. While the trend towards adjustable furniture (in the home office especially) is a constant, the exact requirements for these products have never been more varied. Desks may need to squeeze into tight spots in cosy corners or provide enough space to accommodate the varying demands of modern working life – sometimes even in the same building. This, in turn, can cause something of a problem for vendors of adjustable furniture: how do I create an attractive, reliable product range with desk sizes that meet everyone’s needs?

The answer lies in width adjustability. If a lifting frame can be used to create a compact desk, and the same frame can also be used to support a wider working surface, a huge part of the problem is solved. That why, with the LOGICflex F, we’ve focused our efforts into addressing a very simple, but very real problem: a lack of flexibility in the market for adjustable office and home office furniture.

Thinking Laterally: The Benefits of Width Adjustment

So, what exactly are the benefits of a width-adjustable (as well as height-adjustable) office furnishing? We see the key advantages to suppliers of office furniture as follows:

  • Simplified product ranges. With a width-adjustable desk, you’ll only need to order a single product for any setting, rather than multiple products for specific environments. A key benefit of an all-rounder like the LOGICflex F is that it doesn’t matter what kind of orders you are expecting: you’ll always have the perfect lifting frame to hand. This provides resellers with a huge advantage in ensuring the fastest turnaround times for their customers.
  • Endless flexibility. If you’re furnishing a larger working space with multiple workstations, you’ll want to ensure a consistent styling and performance for each desk that is set up there: a problem when some products just don’t fit. However, with the LOGICflex F, you can install small, medium, large or extra-large desks while maintaining a professional, consistent look and feel across the board… because you’ll only need one lifting frame for all of it.

LOGICflex F: A Special Solution

As for the product itself, we’ve put every effort into making the LOGICflex F as impressive as possible. The frame is width-adjustable from 118 cm (46.4in) to 168 cm (66.1 in), which means that it will accommodate any sized table toptabletop between 120 (47.2in) and 200 (78.7 in) cm. Better still, with a maximum load of 100 kg (220 lbs), you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect surface.

The LOGICflex F is a key part of the LOGICflex range, an exceptional collection of lifting frames that was presented to the world at this year’s NeoCon in Chigaco. As well as being an incredibly flexible product that meets both the ergonomic needs of users and the unique requirements of their surroundings, the LOGICflex F boasts plenty of features that make it a superb adjustable product. Here are just a few of them:

Outstanding, customizable design. The LOGICflex range is our statement to the market about how the future of adjustable technology should look – that’s why we’ve created a sleek, modern adjustable that fits seamlessly into any work environment. However, with extensive customization options – from color to foot design – you can ensure that this adjustable matches your brand to the letter as well. You tell us what you want, we’ll make it happen.

Easy assembly. The simplicity of its design means that the lifting frame is incredibly easy to assemble. This commitment to usability means that customers can enjoy the exciting possibilities of the LOGICflex F without worrying about complicated assembly processes.

Ultra-quiet operation. The LOGICflex X is spectacular… but it shouldn’t steal the show. Quiet operation means a minimum impact on the productivity of people in the vicinity of the desk. At LOGICDATA, we test each frame we produce in an anechoic chamber to ensure optimal system noise, measuring a huge number of physical and psychological factors.

Brushless motor technology. A major contributor to the unintrusive sound of the LOGICflex F is our actuators’ revolutionary brushless motor technology. This exciting development also ensures a more responsive drive and increased durability thanks to slower component wear-out.

Constant speed. The LOGICflex F moves to all height positions at an adjustment speed of 38 mm/s (1.50″/s), which ensures that you get to where you’re going in the smoothest possible way. A constant speed also means that it’s easier to anticipate the movement of the table top, a massive plus for usability and safety.

Anti-collision protection. Each LOGICflex F comes complete with LOGICDATA’s patented ISP (Intelligent System Protection) technology. This reliable system ensures better all-round detection than the gyro systems favored by competitors, meaning a lower risk of system damage for users.

Try for Yourself!

With the LOGICflex F, we provide all the benefits of adjustability alongside the quality, style and performance that our customers know and love. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Stefan Kieler, Vice President Sales & Marketing, LOGICDATA

We’re ready when you are. The LOGICflex F is primed and ready to change the way you think about adjustable furniture. We’re always ready to work together to create partnerships that allow our customers to access the best mechatronic solutions on the market: it’s part of the One-Stop-Shop philosophy that makes us pioneers in our field.

Interested in finding out more about the LOGICflex F? Visit our website, or explore the entire LOGICDATA range in LOGICx, the virtual showroom experience.