More Freedom. More Choice. LOGICDATA’s Summer Las Vegas Market 2022 Preview 

June 29th, 2022

In just a few weeks, we’ll be packing our suitcases and heading back to the desert for another exhilarating Las Vegas Market. The 2022 Summer edition is set to be an incredible event: not only will we be showcasing the magnificent COSMO Line – which debuted to such excitement earlier this year – but also introducing our latest addition to the collection. Read this blog post to find out all about the brand-new COSMO Toronto and plenty of other reasons to visit our showroom. 

Going to the show? Don’t miss us! Catch up with LOGICDATA at the 2022 Summer Las Vegas Market by visiting us in Showroom B958 – or email to book a personal appointment. 

Headline News: Welcoming the COSMO Toronto! 

Meet the family! You can find out all about the different frames in the COSMO Line by visiting our website. 

Let’s cut to the chase. The big news of this year’s Summer Las Vegas Market is the unveiling of a brand-new adjustable frame in the COSMO Line: the COSMO Toronto. 

The frame, which is built on a similar design framework to the existing COSMO Sydney, is the perfect middle ground between the practicality of the entry-level COSMO Sydney and the full-featured COSMO Vienna. With new features and functionality – including and under-bed light, USB ports and connection to our dedicated sleep control app – the COSMO Toronto is the perfect way to experience more adjustability for less.  

Dexter Weber, President of LOGICDATA North America, is particularly excited to welcome another high-class adjustable to the range: 

“The COSMO Toronto is an adjustable frame that strikes a balance between extensive functionality and minimalism in price and design. By growing the family, and providing more choice, we give consumers the freedom to define lifestyle for themselves.” 

Why Toronto? 

As consumers, our freedom is defined by choice: the more options we have, the closer we can get to the lifestyle we want to achieve. While the three existing products in the COSMO Line – the COSMO Sydney, COSMO Austin and COSMO Vienna – already represented a great solution for a variety of market segments, our ambition is to make the COSMO Line the go-to adjustable collection for every customer at every price point.  

With the COSMO Toronto, we wanted to expand the appeal of the COSMO Line to make the cosmopolitan lifestyle more accessible to younger families. For this, we drew inspiration from Toronto: a city renowned as the ideal location for raising little ones in an attractive urban space. According to Matt Skinner, National Sales Manager for LOGICDATA North America, the naming of the product reflects its unique appeal: 

“Toronto is known across Canada and beyond as one of the most livable, yet family-friendly cities in North America: a magnet for young couples looking to nest, but also a dynamic, thriving tech hub. We have encapsulated the essence of the city’s easy-going optimism to create the COSMO Toronto: a perfect addition to any family home.” 

COSMO Line: Still the Best Package for Retailers 

The COSMO Toronto, like every product in the COSMO Line, is so much more than just a high-quality adjustable bed frame. At LOGICDATA, we don’t just strive to create the best ergonomic sleep products – we want to drive innovation by ensuring ultimate modernity in the purchasing and logistics experience too. 

This leads us to packaging: the consideration that truly sets LOGICDATA apart. Our revolutionary concept – which has the smallest packaging with the lowest shipping costs on the market – creates benefits on all levels for retailers and consumers. These include: 

  • Easy handling in apartment buildings: no need to worry about elevators and narrow doorways. 
  • Simplified, “no flip” assembly by one person in just a few minutes. 
  • All models and sizes deliverable in a single UPS or FedEx package* 
  • Minimal storage requirements and easy handling for cash and carry at retailers. 
  • Maximum container and pallet quantities for a more flexible logistics model. 

*except for COSMO Austin Single King sizes 

LOGICDATA Business Development Manager, Georg Höfler, is convinced that these benefits are unmatched anywhere on the market, especially for online retailers:  

“Our packaging concept means that the entire COSMO Line is made for e-commerce. We’ll ship directly to your customers, saving you the effort and expense of organizing storage and delivery yourself, but we can ship containers, truckloads or pallets to your warehouse if it suits your model better. We want to be flexible, because that’s how we provide the best value to our customers.” 

Discover Our Domestic Inventory Program 

Our commitment to providing the best logistics model is all-encompassing: extending far further than just a packaging concept and looking to provide value to our customers wherever possible. That’s why, at this Summer’s Las Vegas Market, we’d be delighted to talk to you about our Domestic Inventory Program: our latest innovation to ensure cost effective, inflation-busting delivery when prices across the market continue to rise. 

LOGICDATA’s Domestic Inventory Program is the perfect way to reduce acquisition costs for adjustable bases. Unlike others, we keep product stock in Michigan and can ship just in time to wherever needed – single pieces via UPS or FedEx, pallets, truckloads, or even full containers to your stores or warehouses. This brings plenty of benefits to retailers who choose the COSMO Line: flexibility, shorter lead times, and lower risk than FOB models. 

According to Dexter Weber, the program is a necessary step to help retailers stay competitive in the face of a prevailing cost of living crisis. 

When times are tight, customers seek value everywhere they can – as a retailer, it pays to keep costs as low as possible. FOB container models, with your money being tied for months, can cause you sleepless nights with even the best bedroom furnishings. With our Domestic Inventory Program, we ensure that these kinds of nightmares stay out of your beds. 

See You in Vegas

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the LOGICDATA offering at this Summer’s Las Vegas Market. From new beds in the collection, to exciting new possibilities for selling and shipping them, we’re confident that the COSMO Line is primed and ready to provide everything you’re looking for. All that’s left to do is find out for yourself! 

You can visit LOGICDATA at the 2022 Summer Las Vegas Market in Showroom B958. Prefer a personal appointment? E-mail to book a time slot!