“This Show is Officially Back” – Reflections on NeoCon 2022

June 22nd, 2022

June 2022 saw another successful visit to Chicago for NeoCon – and this time we came with a very special message: . That’s because NeoCon 2022 was our first official appearance since the fusion between LOGICDATA and JIECANG was announced last year. Alongside our new family, we were able to present plenty of innovative products, in addition to the key benefits of a partnership that brings the major strengths of both parties to the fore.

Read our summary blog post to find out what happened at NeoCon 2022, how our amazing new products were received, and how we’re shaping the future of adjustable furniture with our premium modular solutions.

The Fusion

Preparations for NeoCon 2022 were unique: we teamed up with our new family at JIECANG in order to kit out an all-new permanent space. The showroom – which featured a joint reception area complemented by separate exhibitions for the LOGICDATA and JIECANG ranges – was a great complement to our regular business at the show. Dexter Weber, President at LOGICDATA North America, explains exactly why the collaboration with JIECANG was such an important step.

It was great finally to have a joint place. We’ve talked with a lot of people about the advantages of the LOGICDATA-JIECANG fusion, so it was awesome to showcase what we’re able to accomplish together.

Dexter Weber – President at LOGICDATA North America

The Show

The first day of any trade show is an exciting moment, but the opening of NeoCon 2022 felt particularly special. Following a lower-than-normal turnout for the Covid-affected edition last summer, the “official” return of NeoCon was something that spread optimism through the visitors and exhibitors alike.

To celebrate both the return of a more substantial visitor count – in addition to the opening of the LOGICDATA-JIECANG permanent space – we decided to host a showroom party with our friends and partners from the global industry. This gave us the chance to introduce our new structure on an informal basis, as well as providing our team with long-awaited face time with their counterparts at other companies who attended the show. The symbolic, as well as strategic, importance of the party is best summarized by Victor Baez, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA.


The showroom party was a great way to welcome back the industry after a disrupted couple of years with Covid. Reconnecting with “old industry friends” that stopped by to see their LOGICDATA North America contacts, while having JIECANG with us in the showroom meant we got to meet new friends too.

Victor Baez – Key Account Manager, LOGICDATA

The Products

The bright mood of the NeoCon 2022 experience was helped by the incredible array of premium modular solutions for adjustable furniture that it was our privilege to present. The outstanding LOGICflex X – both the striking four-leg design and the highly-adaptable conference table solution – was probably the pick of the litter in terms of existing products.

Tellingly, the eye-catching window display of our flagship lifting frame even garnered attention from the show’s organizers in the “best in show” awards. While there were plenty of other four-leg solutions from competitors at NeoCon, this recognition and the feedback from potential customers indicated that ours was a serious contender as the market leader.

Elsewhere, the LOGICleg range, with its extensive options for customization and strong suitability for OEMs, was another hit. Likewise, promising discussions about our all-new OPTIMUS Program certainly enabled us to bring LOGICDATA to the forefront of future discussions with manufacturers.

Of course, simply creating products is part and parcel of being an industry leader for ergonomic furniture. According to Marco Randazzo, LOGICDATA Key Account Manager, our company’s much-heralded solutions for cost-saving, innovative packaging is proving to be a key advantage on a crowded international market.


Perhaps even more so than in previous years, our packaging and shipping stories were huge at this year’s NeoCon. In the same way, for the North American market especially, our “local for local” approach is proving to be extremely valuable. I think we truly excel at listening to what the market wants and using our expertise to put this into action.

Marco Randazzo – Key Account Manager, LOGICDATA

The Future

Although the excitement surrounding our existing product range and logistics solutions was a promising sign for many on the LOGICDATA team, the mood of optimism at NeoCon was best summarized by the constant stream of visitors to our selection of increasingly avant-garde adjustable office products.

The LOGICDATA Concept Area was the source of considerable curiosity, with our honeycomb table – a great example of the potential for modular solutions in the office of the future – creating considerable buzz. Likewise, we were able to showcase several cordless, battery-powered solutions at the event, which LOGICDATA Director of North American Sales, Mario Neuhold, sees as an important market .

I think that our concept idea – namely that battery-powered solutions should form a central part of our future offering as a company – was vindicated at this year’s NeoCon. It’s a concept at the moment, but I think we will see this become a standard requirement in the industry as time goes on. It’s great to be at the front of the pack when it comes to pushing innovation.

Mario Neuhold – Director of North American Sales, LOGICDATA


NeoCon 2022 wasn’t just a chance to showcase the incredible work that has been undertaken since the fusion with JIECANG last year. In addition to this, it was a perfect opportunity for us to listen to the thoughts of the market and to refine our offering for future events. Stefan Kieler, VP of Sales & Marketing at LOGICDATA sees plenty of hard work and great opportunities ahead, as we look to build on what has been a fantastic NeoCon for the .

I think there is still room to grow in a lot of aspects. Although it was a massive upturn compared to last year, it still felt like fewer visitors at NeoCon than pre-pandemic. However, if we keep providing innovation and excitement, we’ll do our bit to tempt them back. In terms of our range, I think the next big step will be transforming the incredible success of our concept exhibition into viable, mass-produced products. We’re up to the challenge!

Stefan Kieler – VP of Sales & Marketing at LOGICDATA

Missed the show? Contact us at sales.na@logicdata.net or visit our website to find out how Innovation to the Power of Two can benefit your business.