Reflections from a Productive NeoCon 2023 - Adjusted for Excellence

We’re back! The LOGICDATA team has completed another important event on the 2023 calendar with NeoCon 2023 in Chicago. This was not just a chance to introduce the important North American market to our impressive range of adjustable products and services. Thanks to our strengthening collaboration with JIECANG, we were able to showcase the unique advantages of our group synergies too.

Read on for a full recap and insights from the LOGICDATA team on a highly promising NeoCon.

Revitalized NeoCon Draws Increased Footfall

As one of our favorite annual events, it’s great to see NeoCon at last showing signs of returning to its vibrant best. Our team on the ground reported an improvement in footfall at the show as well as a notable improvement in the quality of contacts made. It’s a positive indication that the market is receptive to new and innovative products in the LOGICDATA collection.

The busy hallways and showrooms contributed to a more positive look and feel for the important industry get together – and gave our team the chance to get up close and personal with even more potential customers. President of LOGICDATA North America, Matt Skinner, knows that more people equal more opportunity.

“It’s good to see NeoCon back to its best. As well as an increase in visitor numbers, there has been an overall better quality in terms of the contacts we have managed to make.. Our products deserve a special audience! We were able to unveil our selection of products and services targeting different market sectors, and thus attracting a wider range of potential customers.”

B2B, B2C: LOGICDATA Has Something for Everyone.

NeoCon is an important event for meeting representatives in different areas of the furniture industry – a special space to exchange ideas and insight, but also to form important business connections. There was considerable variety among the familiar faces and new connections. We were excited to welcome an interesting blend of OEMs – manufacturers creating unique products for business customers – and B2C retailers from Main Street and the online world to our NeoCon showroom.

Naturally, there are plenty of vendors at the event too, but we had a plan to attract the masses to the LOGICDATA and JIECANG area. The secret? Products, services and a business mindset that means we can provide something for everyone.

O for OEMs, O for OPTIMUS.

Similar to our recent exhibition at Interzum in Cologne, we once again showcased the OPTIMUS Program: a made to measure collection of products and services made exclusively for OEMs. The benefits of the OPTIMUS Program are clear for all to see: this modular building kit for adjustable desks empowers manufacturers to achieve quality, variety, and value in their product lines. From complete adjustable product customization to tailored logistics models, we are creating new opportunities thanks to limitless possibilities for manufacturers.

Naturally, our Sales Team was on hand to talk about the benefits of the OPTIMUS Program: but we believe that seeing is believing. That’s why – alongside an example OPTIMUS Frame – we brought the OPTIMUS Configurator to the event, demonstrating the vast customization options available to OEMs.

LOGICflex: More Flexible than Ever.

In addition to the OPTIMUS Program, we were again proud to present the LOGICflex collection to our visitors from the world of retail. The LOGICflex range features an innovative drive system and an optimized packaging and logistics structure, making premium adjustable technology accessible to a larger segment of end consumers. Bring linear motion to the people!

Within the range, our new, sheet metal variant of the LOGICflex F captured the attention of retailers, offering them an opportunity to reimagine their product offerings with more stability and simplicity in assembly.

However, the true highlight of the range was the LOGICflex X Gaming Table – the centerpiece of our collection and a real eye-catcher for passers-by at NeoCon. This fully equipped gaming table, based on our popular four-leg model, attracted plenty of visitors, but it was far more than just decoration. By highlighting the adaptability and flexible design of the LOGICflex range, we could inspire potential customers in the North American market to explore new and exciting applications for our premium linear motion technology. Fabian Schneeberger, Product Manager at LOGICDATA, explains the thinking behind the display.

“We were pleased to receive a great reception for all the exhibits we presented – and especially the Gaming Table, which was a big hit. Obviously, we don’t sell a gaming table as part of our standard product range, but it’s such an incredible example of everything that our premium motion technology can, should, and will be on the market.”

Components: Success Built Piece by Piece.

While our full-featured products made the headlines, it’s important to remember that our mechatronic components for linear motion are the driving force behind some of the best adjustable systems that money can buy. At NeoCon, we shared a glimpse into the future of these products with our audience. As ever, our collection of handsets, control boxes for DC motors, power supplies, and accessories – as well as a closer look at our all-new drive system – were popular with new customers and trusted partners alike.

Collaboration, from Strength to Strength: LOGICDATA and JIECANG

No recap of NeoCon 2023 would be complete without a special mention of our close friends and partners JIECANG, alongside whom we created a memorable joint showroom. For the second consecutive year, our sleek, highly professional display sent a strong message to the market about two brands working together as one.

Through our collaborative approach, we once again showcased the strengths of each brand, (and their magnificent product collections) as well as highlighting the growing synergies between European innovation and Asian production expertise.

JIECANG brought plenty of their own technology to NeoCon too, impressing visitors with a new leg portfolio and a clever new wiring concept alongside fully-fledged products – delivered with the JIECANG promise of rapid response customization. From the Odette 2.0, the Flimo and the PDQ Plus – to the Zoom 80, Coffee Standing Desk, and even a gas-powered pneumatic table, there truly is no end to the value that JIECANG can provide.

NeoCon 2023 showed that LOGICDATA and JIECANG are better together. Our joint showroom has proven to be a successful strategy, and the combined product portfolios of JIECANG and LOGICDATA have become a significant differentiating factor for potential customers. The benefits of the local and worldwide production and supply chain network offered by this partnership are highly regarded in the industry – a theory verified by the public reception at NeoCon.

Michael Fedrigo, General Manager of J-Star, has no doubt that a cohesive, progressive relationship will continue to bear fruit:

“The combination of LOGICDATA and JIECANG is going from strength to strength. Together, at events like NeoCon, we can present an industry leading array of products, technical capabilities and manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of all furniture customers. Moving forward, there’ll be even more opportunities for collaboration: including producing LOGICDATA products at our facility in the United States.”

Looking Ahead to a Promising Future

NeoCon 2023 has proved to be a significant milestone for everyone at LOGICDATA and JIECANG, reinforcing our position as a leading provider in premium linear motion technology and value-adding services. The positive response received at the event, combined with the growing synergies between our two unique brands, sets the stage for further success in the North American market.

Our commitment to customization and collaboration sees us well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of both OEMs and end consumers. As we push boundaries and expand our presence globally, we’ll remember NeoCon 2023 as a steppingstone on the route to lasting impact in our industry.