NeoCon 2024 Recap: A Journey Towards Sustainable Innovation in Motion Furniture

This June, LOGICDATA and JIECANG took a giant step toward Creating a Future in Motion Together. At NeoCon 2024 in Chicago, we presented our products and services to established partners, potential customers, and industry leaders – cementing our reputation as an innovative, reliable supplier of mechatronic products and systems, as well as a group committed to sustainable technology.

Didn’t catch us at NeoCon 2024? Read on to discover the highlights from our product range, or get in touch with our team to find out more.

NeoCon 2024: Creating a Future in Motion Together

For NeoCon 2024, both the LOGICDATA and JIECANG teams came together with a forward thinking approach: present the exciting possibilities enabled by two outstanding product lines, and promote the sustainable mindset of the group as a whole. Under the banner of Creating a Future in Motion Together our teams opened the door to an excitable public in Chicago, who have become accustomed to our outstanding displays and unique showroom vibe.

Sustainability: Today, Tomorrow, Forever

With sustainability one of the key themes of the show, special focus was given to the story behind the products on display. As we move toward a green, environmentally-friendly future for LOGICDATA and the wider JIECANG group, topics like renewable energy usage, responsible waste disposal, and emission reductions will become increasingly important. Matt Skinner, President of LOGICDATA North America, explains the reception to this message at NeoCon:

The success of our product range proves that it’s possible to create premium mechatronic technology while prioritizing environmental responsibility. Sustainability is a great deal for our customers and their customers too: more efficient products, reusable packaging, and less waste benefit everyone.

Stars of the Show: The Products of NeoCon 2024

Events like NeoCon are a chance to show the products, systems, and components that make the LOGICDATA and JIECANG ranges popular throughout the furniture industry: from e-commerce retailers to OEMs.

In Chicago, the LOGICDATA message of The Future is Already in Motion, hallmarked by a focus on premium, European mechatronic technology, dovetailed with the JIECANG offering of rapid response customization. The result: the perfect products for our customers.

OPTIMUS Program: Built for OEMs

Our team in Chicago was on hand to present several cutting-edge solutions from the LOGICDATA collection. The OPTIMUS Program, the first modular building kit for adjustable desks – made exclusively for OEMs – was at the center of our offering.

In addition to an example OPTIMUS Frame, OEMs were invited to try out the OPTIMUS Configurator. Using this technology, they could tailor unique solutions for their business powered by premium mechatronic technology – straight from our showroom. The flexibility of the OPTIMUS Program, which guarantees off-the-shelf reliability with made-to-measure customization potential, is central to its strength. Josh Leys, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA, emphasized the program’s appeal:

OEMs need unique products that reflect their brand, but building a system using mismatched components simply isn’t efficient. That’s where the OPTIMUS Program shines, and why it was so popular at NeoCon: it’s a complete system with the flexibility to create unlimited variations, as well as having clear advantages in logistics. This helps a key segment overcome its biggest challenges.

LOGICflex X: The Frame For Retail

In addition to our systems for OEMs, we turned our focus to retailers and the strong online market with the ever-popular LOGICflex X. With its 4-leg design, the LOGICflex X is a design classic: both in the office and home office, but there are plenty of other ways that this product shines.

Pre-assembly of table components means a stress-free experience for end customers, while eCommerce-ready shipping, including a space-saving packaging concept, means that profits go to our customers, not their courier services. Fabian Schneeberger, Team Lead for Field Application Engineering at LOGICDATA, gave his perspective on the desk’s popularity at NeoCon:

The LOGICflex X is a product that shows the value of well-designed motion technology in the B2C retail space, especially online. It’s simply a product that our customers actually need: in this case an ultra-simple, ultra-flexible, shippable desk, with our trademark quality and design.

Components: Innovation, Piece by Piece

Despite our emphasis on complete systems and products, we still take incredible pride in developing the components that bring motion to the lives of our customers.

On display at NeoCon was our new drive system, featuring a customizable speed/load dynamic that offers flexibility in product design. Likewise, our CBI/DMIpaddle handsets add a new, ergonomic option with simplified UX. While complete products and systems may attract more visitors at NeoCon, Paul Salzmann, Product Manager at LOGICDATA, knows the importance of first-class components.

At NeoCon, we presented some groundbreaking developments in component design. As they can be built into our systems or developed alongside third-party ones, these products provide extra flexibility to our customers and enable any mechatronic system to benefit from our premium technology.

JIECANG: Technology Drives Intelligent Life

On the other side of our NeoCon showroom in Chicago – under the slogan “Technology Drives Intelligent Life” – our partners at JIECANG presented several forward-thinking designs. A standout product was a smart lifting column for adjustable tables, compliant with the stringent IEC 60335-2-116 standard to enhance safety for users. The column also features SLS-system connectivity for efficient troubleshooting, as well as over-the-air (OTA) capacity for remote system upgrades.

JIECANG also introduced new adjustable table solutions for the office: Mobile Benching and Compact Benching. Likewise, with improvements to cable management in the cord-in table solution and improved installation for the PDQ-VT system, there were improvements to existing products too.
JIECANG’s commitment to sustainability was shown by its outstanding new power solution for mechatronic systems. The ZENPOWER Lithium Battery is equipped with three, 65W fast-charging ports – as well as powering electrically height-adjustable desks, it ensures that laptops, tablets, and phones can be charged from a central location. The result: ultimate convenience for office environments.

Joey Zhang, who attended NeoCon alongside colleagues in the JIECANG Sales Team, was excited to present new products and to collaborate with LOGICDATA at the event:

It’s always a pleasure to present our product range, which is improving year on year with innovative, sustainable technology. The synergies with LOGICDATA help us define a shared vision for sustainability.

Until Next Year, NeoCon

As we bid farewell to NeoCon 2024, we extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us in making our trip to THE MART another memorable and productive event. Together with JIECANG, we’re excited about driving positive change in our industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue Creating a Future in Motion Together.

If you missed us at NeoCon 2024, don’t worry – you can still connect with us to explore our sustainable solutions and join us in creating a brighter, greener future.