The New Standard for Adjustables

July 12th, 2018

Much like the discerning lead character in the classic fairytale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” today’s consumers desire that their furniture – and beds and bed frames in particular – adjust to fit their changing ergonomic needs and aesthetic preferences. As such, LOGICDATA continues its mission to bring human-centered design expertise to home furnishings, with its SILVER Series adjustable bed technology.


The SILVERstandard adjustable frame, the first product in the SILVER Series, made its North American debut at the Winter Las Vegas Market earlier this year. As the SILVER Series continues its successful rollout, we’re pleased to share two new opportunities to benefit our customers and ultimately, end users of these extraordinary bases.

Heads up! Our Standard Program requires no MOQ!

It’s all about convenience today. That’s why we’re offering a special dropship program for our customers, without minimum order quantity requirements for the standard frame. We’ll ship directly to your customers upon order, freeing up warehouse space, and the hassle of shipping, thereby saving both on logistics as well as time and resources. The modular SILVERstandard frame is ready-to-assemble by only one person and can be delivered directly to the consumer’s door via UPS or other common carriers, in just two easy-to-handle boxes.  Thanks to our SILVER Series, the days of white glove service and extra shipping fees are finally over!

Custom design our base with our Premium Partner Program!

Our Premium Partner Program affords partner companies and white label brands the opportunity to significantly increase the customization possibilities of the SILVERstandard frame – from both a design standpoint and branding. On the design side, customizable fabric side panel can be selected and easily attached to accommodate a variety of personal tastes and bedroom décor, from stainless steel/aluminum and wood grain to an array of select fabric colors and textures. Likewise, there are options to select from for platform style and materials. Additionally, premium partners have the opportunity to brand the frames and accessories to align more closely with their own brand identity. This program is tied to order volume, with increased order quantities paving the way for increased customization


The SILVERstandard bed frame is the first product of the SILVER Series by LOGICDATA. The adjustable base was designed with equal importance given to innovation, functionality and design. While the customer program may vary, key features of the SILVERstandard include:

Cutting-edge Technology – ELEmatic technology houses all mechanical and electronic components in a small single case affixed to the bottom of the base, taking up a fraction of the space required by conventional adjustable bases and allowing for under-the-bed storage and no visible cables.

Modular Design – With its ready-to-assemble design, assembly takes less than 15 minutes by a single person. Disassembly is an equally simple process, making it convenient for transport.

Wireless Remote Control – Wireless remote with motion-activated LED and an intuitive interface allows for immediate use of two pre-programmed settings as well as customized settings as programmed by the user.

Massage – Exclusive to the SILVERStandard, an adjustable head and base massage for ultimate relaxation.

Under-Bed Lighting – Under-frame lighting to illuminate frame, aiding navigation in the dark.

Head Up & Foot Up – Dual-end adjustments allow users to elevate both head and feet for a multitude of positions ranging from anti-snore to zero-gravity.

Wall Keeping – Sophisticated wall-keeping mechanism repositions base to remain close to nightstand and reading light.

Connectivity – Using the SILVERmotion app, users can connect to the SILVERstandard via Bluetooth to adjust the bed to their needs.

Charging – The SILVERstandard comes with 2 USB modules (1 on each side), allowing users to charge their devices.

Child Lock – Locking remote control to prevent unauthorized adjustment of the frame.

Enhanced User Safety – Free-fall design reduces the risk of getting pinched and fabric barrier reduces risk of entrapment.

High-Weight Capacity: Our robust light-weight aluminum frame offers a  high-weight capacity.

Wireless  Sync: Our Split King model comes with wireless sync, providing a cascading function.

Packaging: Packed in two, easy-to-handle boxes, avoiding any oversize fee.


We are pleased to head West for the Las Vegas Market later this month, July 29 – August 2 at the Las Vegas World Market Center. Stop by the LOGICDATA booth #B954 for a peek under the covers at the new SILVER Series!

To make a personal appointment in advance, please contact David Saltsman, Director Business Development, at

Visit us at Las Vegas Market 2018 | July 29 – August 2, 2018 | Booth #B954