It’s our BIGGEST Product Launch…EVER! Introducing One-Stop-Shop by LOGICDATA

September 29th, 2021

It’s an exciting time here at LOGICDATA. At NeoCon 2021, we will unveil the most radical transformation in our 27-year history to the world. In a new commercial direction – LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop – our company will transition from a developer of components for adjustable furniture to a holistic supplier of products, systems and services.

“Vision defines our purpose. Purpose guides our actions. Actions dictate our success.” Walter Koch, CEO, LOGICDATA

Time to Grow

When it comes to innovation, LOGICDATA is always on the front foot. Since we started our journey in 1997 we’ve become one of the most respected and recognized names on the market for adjustable furniture. However, the market – for both home and office furnishings – has changed significantly in recent years. We’re not afraid to take bold steps to stay at the cutting edge in our industry – we recently announced a merger with an industry leader Jiecang, a move that has provided financial backing and network support to pursue vertical integration more powerfully.

What is the One-Stop-Shop?

“Vision cannot be realized through products alone. Our ambition is not just to promote great components, but to engineer world-class adjustable systems.” Stefan Kieler, VP Sales & Marketing, LOGICDATA

Simply put, the LOGICDATA One-Stop-Shop is THE biggest and THE most important development in the proud history of our company. It signals a massive step forward in our development, as we look to bring new types of products, components and services to a highly-competitive global marketplace.

To understand our bright new future, let’s look briefly at the path behind us. For over two decades, LOGICDATA has sold a wide range of mechatronic and electronic components for adjustable furniture, with significant focus on frame design and integration. Starting with the development of control boxes, diversifications over the years have seen us expand our range to include drive systems, hand controls, collision sensors, and more.

If you’re already a satisfied LOGICDATA customer… don’t panic! We’ll still be supplying most of our existing products, which are sold by the million worldwide. The aim of our new One-Stop-Shop is to define LOGICDATA as more than a creator of components, repositioning ourselves as an all-in-one developer and manufacturer of quality lifting frames, lifting columns and lifting components for height-adjustable desks, as well as adjustable bed bases. Our new philosophy will see us communicate directly with new types of partners, expanding from a compact vertical of furniture manufacturers to include direct-to-customer retailers.

The New Product Range

“We help realize the aspirations of the business world. Our offering centers around our industry expertise, partnerships, and dedication to quality in everything we do.” Dexter Weber, President, LOGICDATA North America

With so many new products and an all-new direction, our booth is sure to be a big attraction at NeoCon 2021. The exciting range of bold new products that matches our company’s ambitious vision. Let’s meet the new faces!

Lifting Frames

It’s a new beginning for LOGICDATA! At NeoCon, we will give our friends, partners and potential customers a glimpse of our first self-built adjustable desk frame. LOGICflex – available in two/four-leg and fixed/adjustable-width variants – provides plenty of options for furniture manifacturers and direct-to-customer retailers.

Product Spotlight: LOGICflex X

The LOGICflex family is a collection of high-performance adjustables for the home, office, and home office, powered by outstanding DYNAMIC MOTION technology by LOGICDATA. At NeoCon, you’ll be able to experience this extraordinary blend of style, power and stability for yourself.

The innovative 4-leg design of the LOGICflex X is perhaps the most striking of the collection: a refreshing change that offers plenty of freedom in design. Ultimate customization, which allows for visual and performance enhancements to each desk system, is backed up by tried and tested technology: brushless motors, intelligent integrated drives, and LOGICDATA’s patented Intelligent System Protection for added peace of mind.

Lifting Columns

The LOGICleg collection is a selection of height-adjustable lifting columns that are designed for maximum compatibility with LOGICDATA’s drive systems. Sold in various leg shapes, the columns support both DC and brushless motor designs.

Product Spotlight: Thick-end-up and thick-end-down column designs.

Our “classic” range of thick-end-up columns can be transformed into market-ready, unique adjustable products with ease: choose from a variety of designs; or suggest your own configuration for maximum individuality. For that “something different”, a thick-end-down system can provide variety to your range of adjustable desks – smooth motion with our trademark aesthetic flair.

Whichever look you pick; performance and quality are guaranteed. Why choose when you can have both?

Lifting Components

LOGICDATA components remain the backbone of our product range, tried and tested by millions of happy users all around the world. Our inline drives, control boxes, handsets, and accessories for ergonomic desk systems bring motion to the lives of customers everywhere, thanks to our focus on performance, usability and safety.

Product Spotlight: DYNAMIC MOTION system

The DYNAMIC MOTION system is still the cream of the crop when it comes to inline adjustable systems. Even 3 years after its debut, our flagship mechatronic system represents the pinnacle of adjustable furniture design – the best-looking, best-value and most innovative product range on the market today.

The DYNAMIC MOTION actuators’ integrated Control Units simultaneously eliminate the need for external Control Boxes and dramatically increase responsiveness, while brushless motor technology, integrated collision sensors in each drive and endless customization options guarantee an adjustable experience like no other for users and manufacturers alike.

Adjustable Bases

Although not a new development, our legendary SILVER Series collection of bedroom furnishings provides high-quality adjustable bed bases that ensure flexibility for users and retailers. With special features for e-commerce – such as easy assembly and drop shipping – each frame is an enduring hit.

Product Spotlight: SILVERslim

Slip into a great night’s sleep. The SILVERslim base module enables you to transform almost any static bed frame into a high-quality adjustable. Shippable in just a single package via UPS and FedEx ground – with drop-shipping options available too – you’ll go from box to bed in no time at all.

With its zero-clearance design, the frame can be integrated seamlessly to an existing frame design or even placed on slats, providing plenty of space for underbed storage and bringing smooth motion to the lives of your customers.

Partnerships & Services

It’s not just products. Our groundbreaking service portfolio – LOGICservice – offers resources that enable our valued partners to get more from of their LOGICDATA-powered systems. From the customization of user-facing elements to optimization services for sound, performance, and compliance, we’ve stepped up our game – now it’s time for you to reap the benefits!

Can’t Get to NeoCon? Try LOGICx!

“LOGICx means that we can deliver the full showroom experience from anywhere. Combined with our new product range, it represents a unique opportunity for us and our clients.” Jacquelyn Caprathe, Business Development Manager, LOGICDATA

Won’t be able to catch our biggest-ever product launch at NeoCon 2021? No problem! The only thing better than seeing LOGICDATA’s one-stop-shop in the showroom is experiencing the power of our incredible adjustable products at home! Visit LOGICx – our virtual showroom experience – for a unique, immersive view into our products and services.

Ready for the Show

Our bags are packed and ready to go! The LOGICDATA team will soon touch down in Chigaco for this year’s NeoCon – a show that’s bound to go down in history. We’ll be introducing our new range of products and services to the world: so don’t miss out! Join us at the Merchandise Mart on floor 7, Booth 7-10078 to get your slice of the action.

For us here at LOGICDATA, and perhaps the entire market for adjustable furniture, the future starts now.