October 16th, 2017

It was not until the Digital Revolution during the last 10 to 15 years that shared office spaces and creative collaboration areas became a thing.

Back in the day, working in an office was not something people would associate with fun, with creativity or let alone innovation. Maybe a well-paid job, but certainly not a very exciting one.

Steve Jobs was among the first pioneers in working space (r)evolution. His redesign of the Pixar Studios in the late 80s is widely known as a huge step towards today’s most admired workplaces like Google or Apple itself, and, a rather new term, space for collaboration.

When LOGICDATA started the redesign and extension of its headquarters in Deutschlandsberg, there was this main thought about it – not in terms of look, of size or money – but the way it would make its employees feel. Whether it would empower them. Whether it would become a place they would not have to go to but want to go to. A place that would help them shape the future and tackle their creative minds.

Much like Steve Jobs with Pixar, Founder Walter Koch had similar motives in mind on how to make a work place a great space to work. “It is all about bringing people together. Innovation hardly ever happens in a single mind alone. Making things happen requires interaction, discussion, debate as well as trials and fails within a team, be it big or small, to reach the next step. The “right” working surroundings will significantly influence the amount of social interaction that happens during a work day.”

For LOGICDATA, the “right” surroundings took three years to become a reality. Center and heart of the building is the Atrium, where employees get together on daily, weekly and monthly bases. Not only is it the “coffee place” of LOGICDATA but an essential place for internal events and get-togethers. On regular bases, all employees, as well as the US team and the China team (via real-time video connection), report to each other and celebrate success or new significant steps. Mind exchange and unexpected conversations take place in this area daily – in a way, the Atrium helps us keep our minds in motion.

Martina Kositer works in the Customer Service department. “I feel so comfortable at our headquarters,” she says. “I appreciate the way it’s so pleasing to the eye and mostly things like our coffee breaks or our get-togethers with the whole global team in the Atrium. It’s great to get to see the majority of all your colleagues almost every single day. It encourages a friendly working atmosphere beyond our own department. It makes it seem like we really are just a very big team working under the same roof. And that team spirit just makes me stay upbeat and work the best I can.”

Apart from a central meeting point, the building fosters a lecture hall and a library, which are part of the LOGIC Academy. Eagerness to learn new things, to improve skills and character – all of this is encouraged to a certain extent just by work surroundings as well. But why is this so important? Studying and being on the move gives you a feeling of continuing, of moving forward – and it certainly takes away from a not-so-exciting work day. A breath of fresh air is just as important within the big picture of a great workplace. An outside park, as there is one at LOGICDATA, gives the opportunity to clear the mind, to calm down or to start moving in a new direction.

LOGICDATA’s most recent workplace addition is the “DaVinciLab”. On 83 square meters, the company features an inventive and engaging playground for its employees by providing its own innovation and realization lab. From scratch and maybe just a second of sudden inspiration, the DaVinciLab makes it possible to make these thoughts tangible – to build, print or shape an actual prototype. Anyone who has an idea – independent of department, age, work content, etc. – is able to bring these ideas to life, to develop and improve them and to share the ideas with others.

Lastly, LOGICDATA would not be true to itself unless all employees – including part-time supporters, facility management team members, warehouse staff, just every one – had their own adjustable table. We truly and sincerely believe in our products and our technology. We believe that we actively shape better working environments every day with what we do.

Our working environments doubtlessly impact the way we do our work. A great workplace can help us do better and be happier. That is why we not only try to improve our own working spaces but even more so contribute to the idea of an ideal surrounding with our technology. Work environments have reached new milestones but there is way to go. We will help (r)evolutionize work places.