The Best Things Come in Small Packages

January 10th, 2019

Meet SILVERlite; the “Disruptive Distribution Solution” For e-Commerce

In just a few short weeks, the world’s largest bedding trade show – Las Vegas Market (LVM) – will open, with companies from all over the globe ready to showcase their latest and greatest products and upgrades.

LOGICDATA will once again be at the heart of this dynamic gathering, displaying the newest addition to the SILVER Series adjustable base portfolio: the SILVERlite, an extraordinary solution for eCommerce. The SILVERlite follows the 2018 introduction of the SILVERstandard, an off-the-shelf adjustable base ideal for omni-channel retail and the first product in the SILVER Series.

A Direct Response

One year after the release of the SILVERstandard, LOGICDATA is ready to introduce the second major product in the SILVER Series: the SILVERlite.  The SILVERlite provides a direct response to the e-commerce sector’s growing need for a base that can be produced in high volumes while offering the industry’s lowest shipping costs, private labeling/customization options, premium stability, and a quick and easy assembly system for maximum customer convenience.

“We continually assess the market with special focus on current and emerging customer demands. Using this method, we could immediately identify the potential benefits for e-commerce customers with the new SILVERlite,” explained Wilfried Url, Director of LOGICDATA’s Home Unit. “Thanks to our accelerated R&D process, centered around current and anticipated customer feedback, we were able to create an incredible solution for eCommerce customers.”


A Silver Lining For E-Commerce

“It’s a perfect option” Url continued.  “And it’s all driven by the SILVERlite’s unique packaging concept: the smallest packaging solution available on the market today – up to 75% smaller than comparable packages.

“We saw the need for an adjustable bed that would be ideal for e-commerce, so we focused heavily on package size. As a result, the entire base fits into ONE package, with the lowest shipping costs in the industry, and most importantly, NO oversize charges,” said Url.  “Our drop-shipping and container shipping options reduce inventory requirements, leading to a potential 75% reduction in warehousing expenditures and delivering additional savings for our customers,” he said.

“There’s no doubt that the growth of e-commerce sales channels for bedding products will continue, which is why we’re very excited about the timing of the SILVERlite’s release. We’re convinced of this product’s potential to become a true game-changer in this important sector,” Url added. Click here for a complete list of the SILVERlite’s features.

You’re Invited

Join the LOGICDATA team at LVM, Jan. 27 – Jan. 31, 2019, on the 9th Floor, B954.  There you can get a close-up look at the SILVERlite and its full range of capabilities and learn how a tailor-made private label program could be the perfect solution for your e-commerce business. Alternatively, for a private appointment, contact Georg Hoefler, Business Development Manager at LOGICDATA, at  Still curious about the future of the bedding industry? Then don’t miss the first-ever educational panel discussion among industry C-Suite thought leaders on the forecast for 2019 and upcoming trends for motion and adjustables in the bedding category. The panel includes LOGICDATA CEO, Johannes Gradwohl and is set for Mon., Jan. 28. Contact us for more information at