Accidents happen.

March 31st, 2020

Hello, Monday. You haul yourself out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, tired, but essentially ready for a brand-new week. After that first sip of coffee, of course, from your favorite cup. The one that, when you hold it, feels just so… perfect. You turn away from the kettle and begin the day full of optimism, excitement, and… then it happens: the stumble, the slip, the crash, the silence. Your comfort cup in pieces, your coffee soaking into the carpet, your family giving you that awful look that asks simply: “One of those days?”

The potential for mishaps is everywhere. Fortunately, because they’re all around us, we at LOGICDATA are always thinking about accidents. We think about why they happen, what might happen when they do, and what we can do to stop the damage from escalating. Best of all, we put the results of this thought – by some of the brightest minds in adjustable furniture design – into our entire, (r)evolutionary product range.

Although we haven’t quite got around to finding out why you only ever spill red wine when you’re standing over a white carpet, or why the toast always lands butter-side-down, what we can offer you is ISP: Intelligent System Protection, our patented collision detection system for height-adjustable workspaces.

How does it work?

All LOGICDATA ISP solutions have the potential to detect even subtle changes in table load, which indicate obstructions and thus cause the system to stop. Better still, our “drive back” function reverses the table a short distance after the collision is detected, giving you time and space to remove the obstacle.

There are different types of ISP systems in LOGICDATA products, each of which has its own unique benefits in a wide range of desk applications. These are explained below.

Software-based Solutions

The intelligent software inside every LOGICDATA system uses known variables to recognize collisions, ensuring baseline protection with every system we sell. Sensitivity can be customized and adapted to the unique needs of your product, giving you the freedom and flexibility to create a table that’s perfect for you.

External Sensors

We’ve worked wonders to condense our complex strain gauge technology into the LOG-PRT-DMS: a device no bigger than a box of matches, easily mounted to any tabletop or frame.

To cater for our extensive range of current and future products, we’ve made the sensor compatible with both Control Boxes and the DYNAMIC MOTION system.

Integrated Sensor Solutions

Our growing range of modern Control Boxes and intelligent Actuator systems feature integrated sensor technology, using both strain gauge and photosensitive detection concepts. These advancements facilitate superb system protection as standard for a vast portfolio of products. No need for extra parts, no need for complex assembly procedures.

ISP: The LOGICal Solution

Every workspace is different. The rapid development of office ergonomics throughout the last decade means that it’s highly likely that the next desk you sit at will be an adjustable one.

With ISP, we truly believe that we have achieved a perfect compromise that can make the adjustable experience better for everyone.

Better for Business

An ISP system from LOGICDATA is a small investment that could result in big savings in potential damage reduction. Regardless of what type of table system is implemented, we have a solution for collision detection that can fit both functional and design requirements. The advancements we have made in the effectiveness, variety, and compatibility of our ISP models are game-changing: not only is protection now available, it is now a cost-effective collision detection concept that no modern workplace can do without.

Better for Users

For anyone working at an adjustable workstation, the presence of a LOGICDATA ISP system is a tremendous weight off your mind. Our exhaustive research and development process has yielded a system that provides effective system detection at ultimate convenience to you. Our sensors are subtle enough that you won’t notice them until you need them: powerful enough, that you will be thankful for them when you do.

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