For the better.

December 13th, 2018

As a global innovator of motion-based components and solutions for the home furnishings and office industries, technology is – and has always been – the backbone of our work.

So it’s not lost on us how individuals with access to technology are more apt to have every advantage in the world – and those without access – unfortunately not so much. That is why ‘paying it forward’ holds significance with our team; something we have felt strongly about since Walter Koch founded LOGICDATA 21 years ago.

Paying it forward

Simply put, when Koch created LOGICDATA, he did so on the belief that innovating for the future can do good. Not just by creating motion-based/adjustable products that make life better, easier and more convenient for others, but through an operational model that makes corporate social responsibility and social engagement essential parts of LOGICDATA’s philosophy.

To that end, LOGICDATA supports people and organizations around the world, helping them to live a better life.

Empowering youth

One project near and dear the hearts of many at LOGICDATA is our support of P.A.P.A Bridge, described as a long-term humanitarian project inspired by the friendship of Koch and Father Aidan. P.A.P.A. Bridge focuses on empowering the youth of Tanzania by providing vocational and educational training. Over the years, support, including financial contributions from LOGICDATA employees, has helped build a vocational center, helping youth, ages 14 to 16, learn skills to work as a mechanic, mason, carpener and more.

Some employees even “adopt” P.A.P.A. Bridge youth, providing opportunities to forge more personal support and encouragement. Christina Feirer, a member of LOGICDATA’s personnel department, traveled to Tanzania in 2017, to help teach English at the school during a 10-day stay. “The experience helping me further realize how supporting education can help improve the local children and people, which in turn can help them improve their lives,” she said. Feirer said she was also fascinated by the local Tanzanians’ “satisfaction and appreciation toward life.”

Taking action

Another global project LOGICDATA has supported is Peace Fleet Mirno More, the world’s largest sailing project for socially disadvantaged. The Peace Fleet brings at-risk youth, many from war-torn counties, “together in the same boat,” as a way of reducing prejudices and learning tolerances.

Through LOGICDATA’s donation program, employees like Ziga Mlinaric, can suggest which programs the company will help support. Not only did Mlinaric suggest the company support Peace Fleet, but he actually had an opportunity to participate in the life-changing experience (see picture below). Employees also requested funds be directed to urgently needed equipment and supplies for classrooms in Nyamasheke, Ruanda, as well as for the Unicef – Water for Syria program, designed to ensure school children in Aleppo, Syria, have healthy drinking water.

Diversity of support

Closer to home, LOGICDATA’s donation program has helped raise $4,000 to provide a young girl named Lisa with a special wheelchair she can use in the shower, or partnering with Vinzi Werke, a local organization that helps individuals who have lost their homes.

Finally, we were pleased to host another successful Christmas Market at LOGICDATA’s headquarters, matching funds raised via products sold by local organizations, and other company donations, to advance the efforts of “Steirer helfen Steirern” – a local organization supporting individuals in need in Styria, Austria.

While the diversity of support is great, the common thread of helping others endures. On behalf of all of us at LOGICDATA, we wish you peace and joy this holiday season!