April 24th, 2019


noun [ U ] US ​  /ˌɪn·dʒəˈnu·ɪ·t̬i/
the skill of thinking, performing, or using things in new ways, esp. to solve problems*


Ingenuity is more than a concept.  It’s an immersive, intentional mindset to how LOGICDATA approaches its work in shaping the future of motion/adjustable furniture – a future that demands continuous innovation as the pace and ways that technology is transforming our work and life is truly awe-inspiring.

The absolute` best of the best’ of our global company’s ingenuity will be on full display next month at interzum, as LOGICDATA unveils its largest offering of innovative products revolutionizing the future of motion furniture for the Office and the Home.

Expect the Unexpected

There is literally no better place on the planet than interzum to showcase LOGICDATA’s extraordinary ingenuity in adjustable furniture, as this world-renowned, bi-annual trade show in Cologne, Germany attracts thousands of furniture makers and customers from nearly 60 countries.  All share a common goal — to share their most magnificent products and solutions for impacting the future.  

LOGICDATA’s team takes this opportunity one step further, with a commitment to remaining open and curious to the interzum marketplace; one of the largest open “learning labs” in the world.  There’s always new insights and perspectives gained to actively influence the future, while delivering unexpected motion-based products that solve our customers needs.

A Star is Born

The “star of the show” at  our interzum booth this year is a revolutionary new “systems approach” to facilitating intelligent adjustable design, featuring absolute state-of-the-art technologies to leverage cost-effective, streamlined solutions designed for optimal performance.  A system so ingenious, we’re confident it will revolutionize the height adjustable furniture market!  No spoiler alerts; join our “Big Reveal” on May 21-24, 2019 – Hall 7, Booth #A060 B061.

But Wait, There’s More.

Our interzum exhibit will also showcase several additional revolutionary products keeping you ahead of the curve: 

LOGIC OFFICE – Motion for your Office

  • SMARTneo just got SMARTER. The Next Generation
    The latest version of LOGICDATA’s SMARTneo represents another giant stride towards a bright future of flexible, efficient, and powerful Switched Mode Power Supplies.  Its  low-profile housing facilitates total freedom in design, which alongside its integrated, highly sensitive collision detection system makes this (r)evolutionary product the best value all-in-one Control Box on the market today.
  • EASY2move : our most intuitive Hand Control ever.
    With the arrival of EASY2Move, LOGICDATA brings the joy of motion directly to your fingertips. This ultra-responsive user interface is a declaration of our passion for outstanding ergonomic design: simple, effective, and beautiful. Premium usability is at the core; upward and downward motion is controlled by an intuitive speed control system offering the freedom to move your way: the harder you press, the faster you go.
  • LOGIClink: Tomorrow Was Yesterday
    Presenting LOGIClink; a connectivity hub for the human-centered workspace that drives office ergonomics to the forefront of the digital revolution.  Whether it’s via the smart occupancy management interfaces of LOGIClink Corporate, the huge feature range of LOGIClink Personal Standard or the streamlined LOGICLINK Personal Lite, you’ll be heading into the future in style.

LOGIC Home – Motion for your Home  

  • Meet the European premiere of the SILVERlite adjustable base.
    The perfect solution for (e)retailers is here, thanks to the SILVERlite adjustable base.  It’s truly “the best of all worlds” with its sleek, minimalistic design and maximum functionality — beauty and brains all rolled into one incredible adjustable base.    You’ll appreciate its ultra convenient, single-person assembly: from box to bed in just 10 minutes or less!  Easy shipping?  Check! The SILVERlite is packed and delivered in only one easy-to-handle box, offering savings on shipping, logistics, and warehousing costs.
  • Market Innovation
    Part of the fun of interzum is showcasing not only extraordinary products, but concepts that explore new interpretations.  That’s why you’ll want to check out our ELEmatic Modules built into a complete bed system. The system was developed in part, through the collaboration and ingenuity of our Austrian bed manufacturer, ADA.

LOGICDATA – We are Minds in Motion

Through more than two decades’ experience creating spectacular electronic and mechatronic solutions for ergonomic, human-centered workspaces, LOGICDATA has succeeded in redefining the market’s expectations of adjustable office furniture: innovative, ingenious, imperious. On behalf of all of us at LOGICDATA, we look forward to sharing our ingenuity with you at Interzum 2019.


interzum 2019, May 21 to May 24. Hall 7, Stand A060 B061.

Can’t wait for May 21? Get yourself into the interzum spirit by watching our short video.

*Cambridge Dictionary