Introducing LOGICx: The ultimate virtual showroom experience.

June 9th, 2020

It’s NeoCon time!

One of our favorite annual trade fairs for all things furniture is back for 2020 with one key difference: it’s not happening. Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing restrictions, the event has been shelved for this year. No deep-dish pizza, no gin and tonic on the Chicago River, and no chance to catch up with our friends and customers in a booth filled to the brim with the most innovative products in adjustable furniture design.

Here at LOGICDATA, the news that NeoCon had been canceled left us with some serious thinking to do. Without a physical platform to show our products to the world, we needed to find a brand-new way to establish that vital contact with the furniture community. But how? The clue was in the products themselves: we had to be adjustable.

It is for this reason that we’re delighted to announce the launch of LOGICx: The Virtual Office Experience, an all-new way to enjoy the LOGICDATA products you know and love, as well as some exciting new editions.

LOGICx is a shining example of our creativity and ingenuity, offering everyone the unique chance to explore the LOGICDATA product range from the comfort and safety of home. The LOGICxperience combines stunning design with intuitive user experience, resulting in a fascinating interactive tour that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of innovation, wherever you are.

Before you take the plunge and immerse yourself into the virtual office, here’s what you can expect from LOGICx. Can’t wait to begin? Start your LOGICxperience here:

DYNAMIC MOTION system: DYNAMIC by name, dynamic by nature.

No LOGICxperience would be complete without a journey through the masterful DYNAMIC MOTION system, the most avant-garde, and technologically advanced adjustable system we’ve ever created. In LOGICx, you can immerse yourself into the magnificent brushless technology behind the smooth, quiet DYNAMIC MOTION motors, enjoy the flexibility of creating your own tailor-made benching and conference systems, or even experiment with mobile desk applications with the powerful LOGICcell battery pack.

Ready to see the future of adjustable furniture? Enjoy the power and precision of the DYNAMIC MOTION system as part of our all-new LOGICxperience here:


LOGIClink: Tomorrow was yesterday.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary solutions, and with LOGIClink, we’ve provided exactly that. In our new normal, reducing contact with surfaces is essential, which is why the hands-free LOGIClink emerges as the perfect product for the post-COVID world. As well as reducing the pressure on button-press technology, the latest version of the MOTION@work app features a useful troubleshooting feature, which helps you identify and remedy system errors, and desk setup functionality, which allows you to find your optimum sitting and standing positions easily. Expert ergonomic advice, directly to your smartphone.

Discover LOGIClink, the connectivity hub powering the future of adjustable furniture via our innovative LOGICxperience at

Partners Portal: It’s all about inspiration.

LOGICDATA is more than just a manufacturer of components. It is a beating heart of innovation, a flagship on a quest to improve the lives of people around the world. Now it’s your turn: a partnership with LOGICDATA unlocks a world of possibilities, providing you with the unique chance to create legendary adjustable systems powered by our trademark style, reliability, and flair.

Let us inspire you to create the office of the future with LOGICx, our Virtual Office Experience, at

LOGICservice: It’s more than a table.

The perfect adjustable product is more than a collection of components: it is a journey that transforms ideas to reality. This journey begins with LOGICx, your first chance to view the full portfolio of services our innovative company has to offer. Use the all-new HSU Hand Control configurator to get a taste of the potential of our in-house customization service and learn all about how we can help you optimize your product for compliance, performance, and sound.

Expand your horizons and take advantage of LOGICservice via our innovative LOGICxperience at

It’s time to move on. While we still haven’t found a way to totally recreate the NeoCon experience, we’re confident that LOGICx will quench your thirst for adventure – if not for gin and tonic – for the time being at least. We hope to see you on LOGICx in the very near future, and once again at NeoCon in 2021.

Start your LOGICxperience here