Winter Las Vegas Market 2024: How LOGICDATA and Dreamotion Brought Adjustability Home.

February 8th, 2024

This January, LOGICDATA and Dreamotion arrived in Nevada with a strong statement – Adjustability Is Coming Home – and we delivered on our promise. Now that the Winter Las Vegas Market 2024 has come to a close, we’re looking back on a successful event and a groundbreaking collaboration between two exceptional brands. Read our show review to catch up on the great products and services on display, as well as to get first-hand insight from the team in Booth C1574.

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The Show: Adjustability Is Coming Home

The Winter Las Vegas Market 2024 was an event that will live long in the memories for those who attended. For the first time ever, LOGICDATA and Dreamotion joined forces, creating an unforgettable joint showroom experience. This unique collaboration was designed not only to showcase the strengths of our products: we were also determined to show the market the extraordinary potential for synergy between our brands.

LOGICDATA and Dreamotion, connected by the expansive JIECANG global network, offer a dynamic, strategic partnership that promises immense value to customers. With extensive possibilities in customization, production, and logistics – coupled with outstanding design and premium mechatronic technology – we’re enabling retailers online and on Main Street to bring top-notch adjustable furniture to every household in the US.

In the booth, the collaborative spirit was truly exceptional, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who visited. Victor Baez, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA, noticed significant interest in the partnership during the 2024 Winter Las Vegas Market. He puts this positive development down to the joint showroom approach.

“There’s always great buzz at the Winter Las Vegas Market, but to share a space with Dreamotion was both exciting for the company and extremely positive commercially. It’s a win-win for potential customers: not only were we able to offer more choices by bringing our product lines together, but we can offer new and unique advantages in logistics and supply chain thanks to the strength of the global JIECANG network.”

COSMO Line: Still Popular, Still Unique.

While the exciting collaboration between LOGICDATA and Dreamotion was an important talking point, our product ranges were still central to our booth’s appeal. Following its excellent reception at previous events in Las Vegas, we once again shone a spotlight onto the COSMO Line: featuring the robust COSMO Austin, the compact COSMO Sydney, and the flagship COSMO Vienna Luxe.

The Vienna Luxe was a particular source of interest to our visitors from the US furniture industry. The standout piece in the COSMO Line, this adjustable base boasts cutting-edge technology that perfectly complements its seamless, quiet motion: Bluetooth and app connectivity, vibration massage, under-bed lighting, and more.

Likewise, the frame stands out on the market owing to a unique packaging concept that allows more than 250 bed frames to fit into a single 40ft container, doubling the capacity of competitors. Matt Skinner, President of LOGICDATA North America explains how LOGICDATA is reaping the benefits of a forward-thinking product range.

“Our products align perfectly with the needs of the US consumer. The robust stability of the COSMO Austin, the space-saving COSMO Sydney, and the groundbreaking packaging concept of the COSMO Vienna Luxe mean that we can offer more than just outstanding adjustable furniture: LOGICDATA represents a made-to-measure package for retailers nationwide.”

Dreamotion Aquarius: Endless Customization

Alongside LOGICDATA, Dreamotion brought their unique style and flair to the shared showroom, displaying a groundbreaking range that featured several outstanding products. Among these, the Aquarius 100 and 200, in addition to the highly anticipated Aquarius 400 base, were well received by visitors.

The Dreamotion range emphasizes customization and quick adaptability, with production sites in the US, Europe, and Asia. Likewise, the tiered approach to the Aquarius bases means that customers can find the perfect blend of price and functionality with ease.

Dan Sardina, JIECANG Senior Vice President, was delighted to see the reception to the Aquarius collection throughout the event, in addition to the positive reaction to the collaboration with LOGICDATA.

“We’re thrilled by the response to the Aquarius range at the Winter Las Vegas Market. With its focus on customization and innovative features, the range perfectly dovetails with the COSMO Line from LOGICDATA. This, in turn, means a better choice for our customers. It’s encouraging that two brands were able to display a harmonious blend of design and functionality, and that synergy will only improve in future.”

Domestic Inventory Program: Bringing Adjustables Closer to Home

Beyond the product displays, the Winter Las Vegas Market 2024 was another chance for our team to highlight the LOGICDATA Domestic Inventory Program: a solution to key pain points in the furniture industry, especially in logistics.

By stocking products in Michigan and enabling just-in-time shipments, the program ensures lower acquisition costs, shorter lead times, and reduced risks for retailers – especially compared to FOB international shipping models. With the uncertain global climate creating a logistics headache to US retailers in various industries, domestic inventory brings peace of mind, allowing companies to stay profitable without supply chain worries.

During the event, the topic of logistics was described more broadly with customers. Victor Baez, Key Account Manager at LOGICDATA knows that the Las Vegas Market is invaluable for promoting LOGICDATA’s existing services, as well as finding inspiration for new ones.

“The Winter Las Vegas Market is more than just a showcase for LOGICDATA and Dreamotion; it’s a crucial platform for us to engage in face-to-face consultations with our customers. This direct interaction allows us to truly understand their challenges and needs. The insights gained here are invaluable in shaping our problem-solving approach, especially when it comes to enhancing our service package.”

A Memorable Booth Party

Although the LOGICDATA and Dreamotion products were the stars of the show in Las Vegas, we added an extra layer of excitement with a memorable booth party – attended by potential customers and existing partners alike. The highlight of the evening was a captivating performance by Grammy-nominated musician Carissa Werner, whose virtuoso performance with the violin added some Vegas-style sparkle to the event.
Dan Sardina, JIECANG Senior Vice President, reflected on an unforgettable evening and the importance of fun and entertainment at industry events.

“It was a huge success. The party was a fantastic opportunity for us to unwind, connect with our partners and customers on a personal level, and celebrate a great event. Carissa Werner’s performance really elevated the atmosphere, transforming our joint showroom with a genuine party atmosphere.”

The Show Is Over. The Work Starts Now.

Looking back on the Winter Las Vegas Market 2024, both the LOGICDATA and Dreamotion teams are proud of their efforts and the successes of this first joint event. Online or on Main Street, our outstanding range of products and services promises something for retailers everywhere.

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