OEM? Meet the OPTIMUS Program at Interzum 2023

May 4th, 2023

Looking for outstanding linear motion technology for your OEM at Interzum 2023? Look no further than the LOGICDATA-JIECANG showroom in Hall 7, A060/B061. It’s your big chance to get to grips with the OPTIMUS Program, our unique offering to OEMs that’s putting flexibility and modularity on the table.

Can’t wait? Read on to find out more about the OPTIMUS Program and how you can Adjust to the Future with LOGICDATA at the Koelnmesse, May 9-12.

Square Pegs, Round Holes?

If you’re an OEM… you’ll already know the problem when it comes to expanding your range of height-adjustable desks. What you want is a totally unique product that fulfils your needs exactly and meets your quality requirements; but you’ll know that things aren’t always that simple. Look for different components from different providers… and you’ll end up with a Frankentein’s Monster of a product, full of unhappy compromises. Look for components designed to work together, and you’ll probably find generic products that work like clockwork… but are so uninspiring in design that they don’t reflect the unique flavor of your brand.

What if we told you that you could have it all? With the OPTIMUS Program by LOGICDATA, we offer OEMs the chance to create totally unique solutions, with fully modular components that can be shaped into endless, attractive designs. No more compromises, no more disappointments – just linear motion technology that’s built exclusively for OEMs, and exclusively for you.

The Solution: Introducing the OPTIMUS Program

With the OPTIMUS Program, the problem of square pegs in round holes for your product range is over.

Instead, your OEM can create high-quality frames on a component-by-component basis, fulfilling your need to create unique products for your customers. The quality… well, that speaks for itself. With linear motion technology from a tried and trusted supplier, you can be sure that every OPTIMUS Frame you create has the premium technology of LOGICDATA inside.

Our flexibility in design means that the only limit is your imagination. We promise full modularity with every component in the OPTIMUS Program – and we mean it too. That means that whatever configuration you choose, you can be sure that your finished product will be a harmony of mechatronic excellence.

A Whole World of Choice

Almost every part of your OPTIMUS Frame can be customized into a made-to-measure, fully cohesive design that matches your every need. You can choose from:

  • Different desk configurations, including two-leg, three-leg, and benching applications.
  • Any combination of LOGICleg design and foot style, in standard or custom colors.
  • The handset technology that matches the style, price point, and desired functionality of your desk.

With Plug&Play modularity, alongside fully hidden electronics and technology, every frame you create is hallmarked by LOGICDATA’s world-famous, high-quality finish. It’s almost impossible to create a desk that isn’t a design masterpiece… but that’s not all.

Creating products with customizable appearance is one thing. However, there’s flexibility on the inside too. At Interzum, you’ll learn how your OEM business can Adjust to the Future with a choice of two drive systems that are designed to cater to every need.

Whichever variant you choose, your OPTIMUS Frame’s drive technology will feature an integrated mechanical brake system, as well as improved electronic and software safety measures. Beyond the non-negotiables of safety and quality, the choice is yours:


With feature-rich DMDinline technology, your OEM gains access to the incredible functionality of the DYNAMIC MOTION system, including:

  • Integrated software in every drive for faster response and more modularity.
  • Customizable speed/load dynamics. These include a standard 60mm/s dual-stage configuration, a high-speed 80mm/s version, and a single-stage, high-efficiency design.
  • Zero configuration required for larger setups with multiple columns.


For a more cost-effective variant, DCDinline drive technology is your new best friend. This enables your business to benefit from our premium linear motion technology at a much lower price point, helped by a local-for-local manufacturing strategy that keeps costs and risks down. Don’t be fooled by the competitive price tag though – drives like the DCDinline D can push your OEM to new heights with:

  • A slim 40 mm diameter that fits into practically any column design.
  • Robustness with a maximum force of 800 N per drive.
  • The perfect mix of price and performance thanks to compatibility with highly optimized control box systems.

Head of Product Management, Thomas Loibner, believes that the new drive system is central to the appeal of the OPTIMUS Program.

Quality, flexibility, and modularity aren’t just words… they’re standard features of our new drive system. It’s a futureproof system that really sets LOGICDATA apart.

So Much More Than Products: Our Logistics Services

Of course, as an OEM, you’ll know that designing your next big product is only really half the job. If there’s no good way to actually get the products to where they need to go, all the flexibility and modularity in the world won’t help a bit. However, with the logistics options that represent a key differentiator for the OPTIMUS Program, we can assure you that there’s substance to match the style.

If you’re selling B2B and high-volume purchases are the name of the game, you’ll love our B2B-focused bulk packaging model. This can offer you considerable cost-savings on larger order quantities, which results in money in your pocket… not your shipping company’s.

Prefer to adjust to the future with an eCommerce-friendly, pre-assembled variant of your OPTIMUS frame? That’s no problem either. With this logistics models, OEMs just like yours can sell effectively B2C in a competitive market segment, where every dollar counts.

Fabian Schneeberger, Product Manager at LOGICDATA, is confident that the variety in packaging options will be a big hit at the upcoming Interzum.

The benefits of the OPTIMUS Program for OEMs are endless – and our flexibility in logistics is means that maximum efficiency and unbeatable convenience are both within reach. We’re excited to show this innovation to the market at Interzum 2023. It has never been easier to bring motion to your business!

Try It Yourself: The OPTIMUS Configurator

By now, you’re probably thinking that the OPTIMUS Program is too good to be true… but there’s more. That’s because – with the brand-new OPTIMUS Configurator – the perfect height-adjustable desk for your OEM is just a few clicks away.

The OPTIMUS Configurator is a fully customizable, fully interactive product-creation experience – and it makes creating an OPTIMUS Frame as simple as it can possibly be. Within minutes, the extensive selection options can shape a completely unique product, which can then be fine-tuned with assistance from the LOGICDATA team.

Best of all? You can try it for yourself at Interzum. In Hall 7, A060/B061, we’ll have an OPTIMUS Configurator ready and waiting for you to Adjust to the Future with us.

See You at Interzum?

We can’t wait to introduce the OPTIMUS Program to OEMs of all shapes and sizes at Interzum. We’re so flexible… we can cater to everyone! Better yet, there’ll also be a chance to see the e-retailer-friendly LOGICflex range by LOGICDATA, the extensive range of mechatronic components that make the OPTIMUS Frame tick, and the impressive collection by our partners JIECANG.

Ready to see for yourself? The LOGICDATA-JIECANG showroom at Interzum 2023 is in Hall 7, A060/B061.