DMItouch B

Simplicity made spectacular.



Prodigious. Compact, ergonomic and intuitive, the DMUI-touch-B-UD-LD empowers users to exercise total control over a vast range of functionality in the DYNAMIC MOTION system by LOGICDATA. Fully customizable to the unique style of every customer, this ultra-responsive Hand Control can also accurately convey system information via its inbuilt LED signalling system.

A spectacularly simple assembly concept allows the Hand Control to be fitted discretely and conveniently underneath the table top. By flawlessly combining aesthetics and practicality, LOGICDATA has yet again delivered a design revelation.



Fully customizable Hand Control

Ergonomic design with outstanding look and feel

Responsive Up / Down function

LED-Signal for system information

Compact under-desk mounting

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For more information download the DMItouch B datasheet.

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For more information download the DMItouch user manual.

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