INTERZUM 2017 - The unexpected is waiting for you

April 1st, 2017

Every two years, Cologne turns into a vibrant hub for international furniture makers and customers. Thousands of businesses from 57 different countries are competing on 163,000 square meters to launch the greatest innovations and latest technology. Seeing and being seen is the main approach when it comes to exhibiting at this international trade show.

LOGICDATA has been exhibiting at Interzum since 2003. Starting from 35 square meters fourteen years ago, we will be present this year on an area of 350 square meters, comprised of specifically themed subject areas which align with LOGICDATA’s new visual concept. More than eight months of planning and countless ideas went into the sophisticated planning of LOGICDATA’s latest product presentation.

“Being an exhibitor at Interzum is exciting. The thrilling atmosphere within a crowd of people who share the same or a similar mindset is incredibly motivating,” says founder Walter Koch. “Although we have been exhibitors ourselves for quite a while now, all of us are still curious, still learning and still enthusiastic about innovations and new technologies shown at this trade show. Also we ourselves are thrilled to actively influence the future, to bring out unexpected technology and empower our customers by giving them ‘new tools’ in their hands with our products.” Koch also mentions Interzum 2009 and 2013, when LOGICDATA was able to use Interzum to revolutionize the furniture market with the COMPACT control box – the first highly efficient control box of its kind based on a switched mode power supply – and the LOGICdrive series – the first intelligent drive system which combines mechanics and electronics to exclude the need of a separate control box for adjustable desks.

Our star at the booth this year is LOGIClink by LOGICDATA, a connectivity hub device which connects the user and the working environment in a sensitive interface.  LOGIClink allows for communication and customization of the user’s work environment. The state-of-the-art and app-driven piece of technology gives total movement control without the need of a hand switch. Comprising world class products and network of industry partners, the connectivity hub LOGIClink provides for an individually optimized and activity-based workplace. This philosophy will be further supported and empowered by another (r)evolutionary idea called LOGICspring. LOGICspring facilitates existing LOGICDATA technology and transforms it to make office task chairs more interactive with the user.

Another highlight is the presentation and experience of the LOGIClab, allowing visitors to gain insight into LOGICDATA’s future about movement, personal preference, individual control and sustainable results. In alignment with unique biometric identity, LOGICDATA is simulating the merge of future technology and daily office life. “This year’s LOGIClab content is another proof of LOGICDATA’s strong commitment to its vision of a real human-centered work environment”, says Stefan Kieler, Director Business Unit LOGIC OFFICE.

Lastly, to remain true to itself and its inventive spirit, the business is heading towards a launch in an entirely new category to the business of home furniture. The groundbreaking new product is almost here to (r)evolutionize adjustable bed furniture technology. “By integrating every piece of technology into one core motion module, adjustable beds will experience a major change in design as well as functionality in the future”, says Johannes Gradwohl, CEO.

Innovation, functionality and style will be (r)evolutionized by LOGICDATA this year.

Find us at Interzum 2017.

May 16th to May 19th, 2017. Hall 7, Stand A060 B061.