LOGICDATA at Las Vegas Market 2022: A New Beginning

February 3rd, 2022

A new year, a new product line, a new showroom, and a new outlook. The start of 2022 has been an exciting time for everyone here at LOGICDATA, and we were even more thrilled to attend our first event of the year this January: the winter Las Vegas Market at the International Market Center. In this post, you can read all about our efforts at the exhibition, say hello to the COSMO Line, and find out how we’re continuing to bring more motion to your business.

Can’t wait? Read our previous blog post or visit our website to find out all about the COSMO Line: our outstanding new range of adjustable bases.



Opening the New Showroom

The launch of a product range as special as the COSMO Line needed a fitting setting: and we had just the place for it. Our brand-new showroom at the International Market Center may be on the same floor of the same building as our previous home in Las Vegas, but we couldn’t be happier with our surroundings. Following a champagne and ribbon-cutting ceremony – our thanks to our partners at the Center for their participation – we were read to open the doors and welcome our first visitors.

The new showroom is such an important step for us. The COSMO Line is fresh and new, so it only seems right that we now have the stage to match. Best of all, our visitors love it too.

Dexter Weber, President LOGICDATA North America


A blank canvas was exactly what we needed to showcase our extensive portfolio of adjustable bases. In addition to setting up the magnificent bed frames themselves, we were able to display some striking visuals of the cities after which they were named: Sydney, Austin, and Vienna, which added a distinctly cool, cosmopolitan feel to the buzz around some truly extraordinary furnishings.

Last, but by no means least, we were able to welcome some new faces to the LOGICDATA event team, who joined the experienced heads in our regular exhibition line-up and brought their unique flair and experience. Alongside US-based LOGCIDATA marketing team members Sydney Burla and Parker Nugent, Matt Skinner brings invaluable experience in the furniture and bedding industry to squad. Matt was, of course, delighted about how his LOGICDATA debut unfolded:

Everything about LOGICDATA is designed to impress: the products, the showroom and the people who make this company such a great place to work and do business with. I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing team.

Matt Skinner, National Sales Manager at LOGICDATA North America

Life=Style: Welcoming the Range

Of course, the true stars of the show were the adjustable bases themselves: the COSMO Sydney, COSMO Austin, and COSMO Vienna. These were received with great excitement not only by our new guests to the booth, but by those familiar with LOGICDATA and its range of adjustable home furnishings too. As we continue our journey from a supplier of components to a holistic provider of exceptional furniture products, we’re always delighted to hear the feedback and encouragement from the people we make them for.

As customization is very much at the center of the COSMO Line philosophy, we set up a COSMO Vienna – the full-featured flagship product of the range – to show the remarkable capacity for individualization that retailers who choose the frame can enjoy. From unique platform setups, to customized leg design, to an optimizable feature set, there is truly no limit to what the COSMO Vienna can be.

However, the COSMO Line is more than just products. Our Life=Style philosophy means bringing adjustable furniture into the lifestyles of people around the world, providing the technology than fits perfectly into every home setting. That’s why we featured a split-king exhibit of the COSMO Austin, which slotted beautifully into a fully furnished “bedroom” in a living-space designed exhibit. Sydney Burla explains the importance of seeing products “in context”.

When we conceptualized the COSMO Line, we realized that simply listing features, showing empty beds, and talking about load capacity or power consumption isn’t enough. We have to inspire customers about the benefits of adjustability as a lifestyle choice, which is why we tried to make our exhibit as close to the “ideal home” as we could.

Sydney Burla, Marketing Coordinator at LOGICDATA North America

The Products

Missed the show? Here’s a quick overview of the COSMO Line by LOGICDATA.

COSMO Sydney

The COSMOsydney is a sanctuary for young, urban households with an eye for stunning ergonomic design. A perfectly-optimized core feature set – with smooth up/down motion and programmable memory positions – makes this stylish adjustable an ideal addition to the homes of users who value maximum flexibility with minimum cost, space, and fuss. The frame provides the flexibility that users desire via a low-profile design that makes assembling and moving the bed incredibly simple.

Find out more about the COSMO Sydney on our website!

COSMO Austin

The COSMO Austin reflects the free-wheeling vibe of one of America’s most livable cities. Sleek, cool and simple to assemble, the frame features a pleasingly minimalist aesthetic and an expanded feature set for ultimate comfort and convenience: USB ports, underbed light and Bluetooth connection to our app for effortless sleep enhancements. Better yet, with a 900 lbs weight limit, the COSMO Austin is strong enough to do the heavy lifting too.

Find out more about the COSMO Austin on our website!

COSMO Vienna

The effortless style of the Austrian capital is honored by the COSMOvienna – the full-featured, flagship product of the COSMO Line that provides distinctive style, poise, and comfort to the collection. The bed also features extensive options to enhance user experience, including a multi-setting massage function and nightstand reach functionality, the most compact shippable adjustable on the market to do so.

Find out more about the COSMO Vienna in our product folder!

Hello World!

In a changing world, we are confident that the future of adjustable furniture is a bright one, and the reception we received at the Las Vegas Market proved that our optimism was well-founded. We recorded more visitors than at either of the two previous exhibitions (albeit down on pre-Covid levels), which shows the growing strength of the market segment we are in. Naturally, the eye-catching nature of our showroom helped with attracting new guests, while our team did a wonderful job in convincing the public – retailers, manufacturers, and other industry experts – about the vast potential of the COSMO Line and LOGICDATA itself.

However, it’s not just retailers, manufacturers and vendors who attend events like the Las Vegas Market: the furniture business is a multifaceted industry with many key players. That’s why we’re looking forward to expanding on some of the relationships formed with media partners at the event, many of whom were extremely positive about featuring LOGCIDATA content on new and exciting mediums.

Events like Las Vegas are all about people. We were delighted to meet so many potential new partners and customers at the Las Vegas Market 2022, and hope that this signals the start of many productive working relationships. Likewise, after a difficult couple of years for such events with the pandemic, we were pleased to catch up with some old friends too. We’ll look forward to seeing you again, not only at this summer’s Las Vegas Market, but in again in the years to come as the industry comes back stronger from coronavirus.

If you didn’t make it this year… don’t worry. We’ll be back and stronger than ever for the next edition.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you have regarding the COSMO Line. It is a new beginning for us and our customers, but in a way it carries on many of LOGICDATA’s traditional aspects. No matter if you made it to our showroom or not, let’s talk more about the COSMO Line!
Contact Georg Hoefler – Business Development at LOGICDATA