Adjusted for Excellence - LOGICDATA and JIECANG at NeoCon 2023

We’re on the road again – fresh off the back of a successful Interzum comes NeoCon 2023 in Chicago. With JIECANG, we’ll once again be showcasing our award-winning range of adjustable products – as well as our value-adding services – in our joint showroom.

In this preview, we’ll give you an exclusive look at what you can expect from both providers, as well as introducing our key message for the 2023 event: Adjusted for Excellence. Remember: You can visit LOGICDATA and JIECANG at NeoCon 2023 from June 12-14. Find us in our showroom on the 11th floor, Suite 1193.

LOGICDATA and JIECANG: Adjusted for Excellence

Excellence is in the DNA of both our brands. In fact, excellence in problem solving is where the incredible combination of LOGICDATA and JIECANG comes to the fore. At this year’s NeoCon, we’re focused on solving the problems you face in the modern business with future-proof innovation that means you can live excellence alongside us.

We can’t wait to show you how our combination of premium linear motion technology and rapid response customization can form the backbone of your product and service strategy. With a wider range of technologies and price points – as well as access to our extensive global network – the LOGICDATA-JIECANG partnership is everything you need, Adjusted for Excellence.

LOGICDATA National Sales Manager Matt Skinner is optimistic about another exciting event:

We’ll show, again, how two providers are better than one. LOGICDATA and JIECANG together offer a truly excellent package. What is excellence? Ask our customers and they’ll tell you: It’s all about the way we work together.

Premium Technology Inside: Meet LOGICDATA at NeoCon 2023

For NeoCon 2023, we’ve pulled out all the stops to provide you with our most comprehensive portfolio of products and services… ever. Whether you’re interested in B2B or B2C solutions, our team will show you how you can excel with products that have Premium Technology Inside.

Here’s what you can expect from LOGICDATA at NeoCon 2023.

Meet the OPTIMUS Program

All OEMs need maximum flexibility and maximum quality… but how? With LOGICDATA, you can say goodbye to unhappy compromises thanks to the OPTIMUS Program – our unique package of products and services, built for the needs of OEMs.

With the OPTIMUS Frame, you get a product that can be whatever you want it to be – for whoever you want to make it for. However, OPTIMUS means so much more: our flexibility in logistics and shipping enable you to choose between bulk packaging for maximum efficiency, or a pre-assembled, eCommerce-friendly option for unbeatable convenience. It’s flexibility that has Victor Baez, Key Account Manager LOGICDATA, excited for NeoCon:

Our modular building kit gives OEMs so much choice… we could only take a fraction of the available configurations with us to Chicago! Don’t worry though – we’ve packed our configurator for you to see them all.

OPTIMUS 2-Leg and 3-Leg versions

The 2-leg and 3-leg versions of the OPTIMUS Frame are the perfect starting point to experience our premium technology. With these flexible models as the basis, all that’s left to do is make them your own – inside and out. Choose the perfect LOGICleg design and foot style, color, and hand control, then get it powered by LOGICDATA’s inline drive technology, with hidden cabling and electronics for that subtle, high-class finish.

LOGICleg Collection

Within the OPTIMUS Program, the LOGICleg collection allows for even more granular customization by OEMs. In our NeoCon showroom, you can get to grips with four attractive column designs: square, round, rectangle and the exclusive rounded-edge square.

Read more about the OPTIMUS Program in our recent blog post.

Meet LOGICflex

Selling B2C? The public expects excellence… and with our LOGICflex range, you get the tools to give the people what they want, neatly packaged in a box. It’s a perfect demonstration of our premium, ready-to-order products, which retailers can add to their collections today. However – as Thomas Loibner, Head of Product Management at LOGICDATA explains – there’s still plenty of room for retailers to express themselves.

Quality and style come as standard. However, there’s plenty that can still customized – even with a ready-perfected, “off-the-shelf” product – which enables retailers to make their mark.

At NeoCon, we’ve got two unique designs that will show you how you can benefit from our commitment to excellence – and customize it to achieve perfection.

LOGICflex F Sheet Metal

With LOGICflex, the F stands for Flexible – it’s an endlessly adaptable product that you can use as the building blocks for setups precisely matched to user needs. By adding a sheet metal variant, we’ve added even more style and class to the LOGICflex F’s exceptional design. There are practical benefits too: the latest innovation is even easier to assemble and provides a better user experience for your customers.

Customized LOGICflex X

With its 4-leg design, the LOGICflex X fits into every office and every home. At NeoCon, you’ll be able to see the LOGICflex X in its innovative gaming desk setup… but we aren’t playing around when it comes to convenience. Pre-assembly of table components means a stress-free experience for end customers, while eCommerce-ready shipping makes the product well-suited to the office as well.

Meet the LOGICDATA Components

What makes an excellent system tick? That’s easy… our mechatronic components for linear motion. Alongside our ever-improving collection of handsets, control boxes for DC motors, power supplies, accessories, and other add-ons we’re proud to present our all-new drive system at NeoCon 2023: a modular spindle building kit that gets OEM adjustable systems where they need to go – faster, more safely and more reliably than ever before.

A New Drive System

Our new drive system is split into two options – DCDinline or DMDinline – which means excellence at every price point. Alongside a faster standard speed of 60 mm/s, all our new drives feature more flexibility in dimensions, as well as vastly optimized speed and load characteristics.

For a classic – and highly cost-effective – variant, the DCDinline range provides seamless adjustability, powered by LOGICDATA’s renowned control box systems. Meanwhile the DMDinline Drives include DYNAMIC MOTION system technology, which can be customized exactly to customer requirement: from a standard 60mm/s dual-stage configuration to a high-speed 80mm/s version, onto a single-stage, high-efficiency design.

LOGICDATA’s Field Application Engineer, Jim McKnight thinks the new system represents a good deal for everyone:

DMDinline and DCDinline drives feature an integrated mechanical brake system, as well as improved electronic and software safety measures. It’s futureproof design that sets the standard on the linear motion market.

Innovating Something Extra: Meet JIECANG at NeoCon 2023

JIECANG is putting the “Neo” in NeoCon this year, with a range of future-thinking innovations that can move your business forward. There’s plenty of boundary-breaking technology too: a new leg portfolio and a clever new wiring concept can be seen alongside the Chinese Company’s fully-fledged products. Our representatives in Chicago will be more than happy to talk you through our sibling brand’s rapid response customization – and can help you integrate these products into your range. Why not ask them about JIECANG’s:

  • Odette 2.0. A distinctive, 4-leg design that’s backed up by a 1000 N maximum load.
  • Flimo. A desk that’s so adjustable, it can simply be flipped and stored when not in use.
  • PDQ Plus. An adjustable with convenience in mind – and assembly in just three simple steps.
  • Zoom 80. Featuring an incredible 80 mm/s top speed; it’s excitement with every adjustment.
  • Coffee Standing Desk. From 480 mm to 745 mm – JIECANG’s latest innovation brings the coffee table into the future.
  • Gas Table. A single-leg table, powered by pneumatics. Smooth motion from anywhere!

Adjust to Excellence with Us at NeoCon

New products and services from LOGICDATA and JIECANG have you convinced that two providers are better than one? Can’t wait to Adjust your business for Excellence with us? You know where to go.

Visit LOGICDATA and JIECANG at NeoCon 2023 from June 12-14. Visit our showroom on the 11th floor, Suite 1193.