Time to Grow: Looking Back at LOGICDATA's 2021

December 21st, 2021

The snow is falling, the Christmas bells are ringing, and everyone at LOGICDATA is preparing for a well-earned rest to complete a truly historic 2021. If last year was the time in which the market for adjustable furniture changed forever, this was the year that we changed our portfolio for adjustable furniture in return.

The year was full of important milestones – big news big products, and big events – all of which made 2021 a year to remember for our colleagues in Austria, China and the US. Let’s look back at the events of a remarkable 12 months and give thanks to the people who made it all possible.

Exciting News: LOGICDATA joins forces with Jiecang

2021 started in much the same way that 2020 ended: most of our employees were still working from home following another Covid-enforced lockdown in Austria. Yet despite these challenges, everyone remained motivated and together as we fulfilled orders, worked on our products, and adapted our company to changing global circumstances.

The good faith of our team was about to be rewarded: things would soon take a turn for the better. In May, we were extremely proud to share some very important, very exciting news with the world: a merger with the global adjustable system provider Jiecang with its headquarters in China.

Following a long period of talks, due diligence, and planning, a deal was struck that saw Jiecang acquire 100% of the shares of LOGICDATA. As part of the takeover package, Jiecang agreed invest 20 M€ into LOGICDATA´s product innovation and future growth.

Walter Koch, founder, majority shareholder and CEO of LOGICDATA, sees the fusion as an important step towards securing a bright future for our company.

One Stop Shop. New Vision, New Products!

With the team galvanized by the merger news, we put our considerable ingenuity to work in order to add the finishing touches on a hugely important step in our product journey. Introducing, the One-Stop-Shop by LOGICDATA. This was a hugely significant moment and undoubtedly the most radical transformation in our 27-year history. The move saw our company transition from a developer of components for adjustable furniture to a holistic supplier of products, systems and services.

The launch of the One-Stop-Shop was our biggest ever product release, and we marked the occasion in some style. At the forefront of the range were our first-ever complete lifting frame systems – the LOGICflex F, S, M and X – while we also welcomed the LOGICleg collection to complete a stunning new portfolio.

However, as Stefan Kieler – VP of Sales & Marketing at LOGICDATA – explains, the importance of the One-Stop-Shop is far greater than simply adding new types of products to a brochure. It is an all-encompassing philosophy that speaks to the market about our history, vision, and future.

NeoCon 2021: Showing it to the World

With enough good photography, striking design and cunning copywriting, you can make almost any product look good: the real test is when customers get to look at and try out your new range in the flesh.

For this reason, this year’s NeoCon exhibition in Chicago – while always an important date in our calendar – took on extra importance. The show represented our first chance to show the exciting One-Stop-Shop to the world, so we were delighted to receive such a warm welcome from our friends, customers, and partners at the show.

Dexter Weber, President at LOGICDATA North America, was particularly central to the goings on at NeoCon. Having spent time on the ground at the exhibition, both preparing the booth and welcoming visitors to the new range, he was delighted with the reception from the public.

The incredible response convinced me that we’re going the right way. Our decades of experience in height-adjustable furniture innovation has allowed us to create new products that stand out, providing flexibility and differentiation within the market. LOGICflex X created the most buzz, I think due to its simple assembly and beautiful design. The new direction was very well received and will be the start of a bold new era for the LOGICDATA team.


LOGICDATA is a family, and because of this, we know that our successes as a company are not achieved alone. At this very special time of a very special year, we would like to extend our thanks to the people who have made this wonderful journey possible.

These are, naturally, our customers, who have provided valuable feedback and shown a willingness to collaborate during some challenging times. Our partners and suppliers, who have worked tirelessly with us to bring our products to market and keep our business activities running. And, of course, our magnificent LOGICDATA team, who despite lockdowns, pressing deadlines, and an enormously busy schedule, stuck together to show that we are truly minds in motion.

To all these people, and to everyone else reading, we wish you a peaceful Christmas, a prosperous and healthy 2022.