Innovation to the Power of Two: What to Expect at This Year’s NeoCon

May 25th, 2022

We’ve got a new permanent home at NeoCon! Visit our showroom on the 11th floor, Suite 1193, or contact our Sales Team at for an appointment.

It’s (almost) show time! Chicago’s NeoCon is a highlight of the LOGICDATA calendar: the chance to spend valuable time with our partners and customers and to show our latest and greatest products to the world. The 2022 edition is no different: our team is already packing their bags for the Windy City, preparing to unleash a whirlwind of innovation onto the market. This will be our first NeoCon in our new permanent space: a joint exhibition with our new family at JIECANG. Let’s read all about it.

A New Beginning: One Vision, One Provider

The road to NeoCon 2022 began last year with the announcement of the ambitious acquisition of LOGICDATA by the Chinese mechatronics giant JIECANG. When the fusion was announced last May, we promised our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders a new chapter, defined by a simple mission: One Vision, One Provider. Not only would we continue our legacy of market-leading adjustable furniture for the home and office, the backing of the JIECANG Group would allow us access to a strong network in manufacturing and supply chain. 

Our mission statement – One Vision, One Provider – means combining the forces of European innovation, Asian industry, and regional manufacturing toward a single goal: bringing our customers the ultimate in adjustable products. At NeoCon 2022… that’s exactly what we’ve done – and the evidence is in the new JIECANG-LOGICDATA permanent showroom at theMART.

A New Home: Innovation to the Power of Two

This year’s show in Chicago is the first chance to experience the incredible benefits that the fusion between LOGICDATA and JIECANG can provide. Throughout the first year of our productive, official working relationship, we’ve worked hard to accelerate innovation with the significant support of our parent company. The result: Innovation to the Power of Two.

It’s more than just a slogan: with our joint exhibition, we can show you how our exceptional R&D focus dovetails with the JIECANG Group’s resources and experience in manufacturing and supply chain, providing you with the perfect package.

Explore the Showroom

At NeoCon, both sides of the family will unveil the exceptional results of a productive new journey in the family: LOGICDATA and its range of inline drive solutions, JIECANG with its 90° variants. The setup of the booth represents the unique benefits of our synergy. Beyond the shared welcome and social area, you’ll be able to see the very best from both companies’ product ranges.

The LOGICDATA section features an impressive collection of market-ready and concept-stage ergonomic furniture for the office and home office: premium modular solutions based on innovation and technological expertise. The new setup is something that Dexter Weber, President, LOGICDATA North America, is particularly excited about.

The way we’ve set up the showroom – which showcases our own team’s potential for innovation and the strength that the JIECANG Group can provide – is special. The team is really looking forward to this and many more exciting events with the new family at our side.

Premium Modular Solutions: The Best of LOGICDATA at NeoCon

Our NeoCon 2022 offering focuses on exceptional adjustable that retailers and OEMs can make the centerpiece of their upcoming releases. Let’s take a sneak peek behind the curtain in our new permanent home.

Lifting Frames

The LOGICflex family is a collection of high-performance adjustables for the office and home office, powered by outstanding DYNAMIC MOTION technology by LOGICDATA. At this year’s NeoCon, we’re showcasing how the flexibility of the range makes it the perfect choice as a premium modular solution for the office and home office.

LOGICflex X Home Office

Meet the LOGICflex X: the flexible four-leg solution that’s perfect for the challenges of new work in a post-pandemic world. The unique design of the frame means that it’s made-to-measure not just as an office desk, but as a multipurpose table that transforms from workstation, to dining table and back again – an ideal solution for urban living spaces where space is at a premium.

Look out for the attractive rounded-edge columns and inline DMItouch I hand control – embedded into the table top ensure maximum adaptability.

LOGICflex X Assembly Station

A logical assembly system can make or break a product. Although plenty of manufacturers will tell you that their tables are simple to put together, we’re going an extra step and showing you the unique assembly concept that sets the LOGICflex X apart.

Not convinced? Roll up your sleeves and test the simple assembly of the LOGICflex X yourself!

LOGICflex X Conference

With the LOGICflex range, intelligence and beauty come as standard… but sometimes you need the brawn to match the brains. Our insanely powerful conference table solutions are expandable from 4, to 6, to 8 legs, guaranteeing ultimate adaptability.

Think bigger. The single-stage DMDInline S drive is powered by the DMPhub M360: this added power means that the possibilities for your meeting rooms are endless.

LOGICflex F – Curved and Flexbile

Our C-Shape display of the LOGICflex-F features LOGICDATA’s unique, rounded-edge square columns – powered by the dual-stage DMDinline D actuator – as well as safety features like an in-built LOGICisp collision detector.

The LOGICflex F is perfect for home office because its perfect for end users. Ask about our compact packaging and drop-shipping capabilities that add valuable convenience to indisputable style.

OPTIMUS Program: Just for OEMs

Over the last quarter century, we’ve worked with the industry’s biggest OEMs to create legendary adjustable systems. Now, we’re taking our offering to the next level. The OPTIMUS Program is an exclusive range for OEM customers: an outstanding, exclusive and high-performance modular portfolio that ensures the very best in adjustable innovation for your business.

We talk to OEMs every day, and we know what is important to them. That’s why the OPTIMUS Program is such an important part of our portfolio going forward: it allows us to cement these partnerships and build truly special products with top companies around the world.

In essence, the OPTIMUS Program is designed to save time and money for OEMs. Our products are cost-optimized for bulk orders – because every minute counts. You’ll save valuable time on the production line with our easy-to-assemble system, but it doesn’t end there. What you save in price, you gain in design and performance: brushless motor technology, anti-collision protection, constant speed, ultra-quiet operation, options for colors and shapes, clean design and total modularity are standard features throughout this exclusive portfolio.

Matt Skinner, National Sales Director for LOGICDATA North America, is already excited to introduce the OPTIMUS Program to OEMs:

The products that OEMs can create with us aren’t just special – they’re unique. Our customers will truly have the feeling that they can make the product their own. Although each system is different, every product created in the OPTIMUS Program has its trademarks: optimized cost-benefit ratios and an exceptional final product.

Can’t wait to find out more? At NeoCon, we’ve featured just some of the endless possibilities of the OPTIMUS Program for you.

Modular 3-Leg Frame

Our modular 3-leg setup highlights the benefits of the OPTIMUS Program as a building kit for OEM product ranges. The 3-leg version on display is simply one example of a concept that allows manufacturers to create systems with different numbers of legs, exciting column designs, variable drive speeds, and exceptional handset design.

Want to create the perfect package for your OEM? Get in touch with our Sales Team at to find out more.

LOGICleg Collection

The LOGICleg collection allows for even more granular customization by OEMs – at this year’s NeoCon, we’ve decided to bring the family. Get to grips with our four attractive column designs: square, round, rectangle, and our exclusive rounded-edge square.

Get creative! You can add the innovation of LOGICDATA into your existing desk designs – find out about the LOGICleg’s compatibility with our next-generation drive systems in our showroom.

Concept Area

Our R&D teams always have one eye on the future – and since the last NeoCon, we’ve been experimenting with avant-garde solutions beyond our regular product range. In the LOGICDATA concept area at this year’s NeoCon, you can discover our futuristic solutions for the office of tomorrow. Come to our booth to get some inspiration for the next big thing!

Experience Innovation for Yourself

With just days to go until the curtain is raised on our new permanent exhibition at NeoCon, we’re sure you’re already making plans to experience Innovation to the Power of Two for yourself.

Visit the showroom on the 11th floor, . We’ll be ready to welcome you there. Alternatively, for a scheduled appointment, contact our Sales Team at